1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas

1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas

Photographing a one-year-old boy is fun. This is the first year of your baby’s life, so this is very important to create a document to preserve a beautiful memory. A cool photo album full of colored and monochrome photos can serve as an authentic document of the first year of your baby.

Snapping a one-year-old is comparatively easier than shooting newborns. At this age, they start to show feelings and make various funny gestures, that anybody without much technical knowledge of photography can make a beautiful photo album. However,a couple should hire a professional photographer to shoot the first birthday to make it more attractive and memorable. This year is especially memorable for first birthday. Shooting a one-year-old could be tricky as they change moods very frequently and sometimes show compulsive nature. They can’t talk and can’t understand command. At this age, their behavior is unpredictable.

As a professional photographer with years of experience, I came across various types of kid’s photography. Whenever I get an assignment, I prefer to spend sometime with the kid and talk to his parents to chalk out my shooting plane, because every kid shows different natures. As they can’t follow any command without laughing or crying,I always try to capture their natural expression from varied angle and point of views. Obtaining right poses from a one-year-old boy could be sometimes difficult. In this article, I would like to share my experience with you so that you could capture the right moments of their natural expression.

Laughing baby

Capturing a laughing one-year-old boy is really fun. But making them laugh can be sometimes difficult. They look awesomely cute when they laugh with bare gum. At this age, they don’t have teeth. Their jaws just begin to harden. To make him laugh, you can ask his parents to shake a sound maker toy. But this may not work all the time. For some naughty boys, tingling may work as a remedy. To get the right,you may have to wait sometime. When he starts to laugh, start shooting from different angles. This is a close-up shoot so focus on him from close distance. You need to blur out everything behind him, so use a prime lens with f/1.8 or f/2.8 aperture.  Use high shutter speed to fix his rapid movement. I would recommend you to set 1/500s.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot IdeasDo not flash directly on the boy;use a bounce flash. If you don’t have enough light, then increase the power of flash.

Fruity snap

A one-year-old boy looks awesome when he desperately tries to hold a big chunk of fruit like watermelon. Give a chunk of fruit to make him pose naturally. With his little hands, he will try to hold the big chunk but may fail repeatedly. Your objective is to take a snap when the boy is trying to bite the fruit. At this age, they try to bite everything, so you would probably be able to capture the moment with little effort. Parents should help the little baby to hold the fruit.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot IdeasThis action would look beautiful if you get a close-up shot. Use a prime lens with wide open aperture and high shutter speed. Flash should be bounced from the ceiling to avoid direct exposure.

With mother

A photoshoot of a one-year-old boy without his mother is impossible. Babies look most joyful in their mother’s lap. Do not miss this precious moment. You can take it outdoor or indoor.His mother will make him laugh. Ask his mother to hold him quite high on the air. When the innocent body makes a holy smile, instantly capture the moment. The mother and the boy will look at each other and laugh. The baby may express joy by shaking his head or making funny gestures. This pose is common and a must for shooting any one-year-old boy.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot IdeasThis photo should be taken using high shutter speed. If you want to make the background blurry, use f/2.8.  At this aperture if you shoot from seven feet away, you will get a good depth of field along with crispy picture.

Little naughty boy

Shooting a little boy in official uniform is fun. He may not give any pose but in official uniform they must look cool and funny. Take a great snap, when he stares at you with curious eyes. Also take his funny official environment along with him. Use f/5.6 or f/8 to take this shot.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas


This is the age of learning. At this age, babies learn to clap whenever they feel suitable with the environment. The main objective of this shoot is to take a clapping pose along with parents in background, slightly out of focus. The location can be indoor or outdoor. Anyway, you have to make him feel happy so that he could start clapping. You may ask his parents to do this. The boy will sit on the ground and start clapping,while his parents will stand five feet behind, close to each other. Focus on the baby from four feet away with f/5.6. This will make the baby crispy clear and his parents slightly blurred. A sunny outdoor environment is best for this shot. You may have to take several shots to capture the right moment,a one-year-old boy clapping with joy.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas

Silicon nipple

Babies are given dummy silicon nipples to suck. They look beautiful when sucking it. This could be a good natural pose that a one-year-old boy can make. When he is engaged in sucking the dummy nipple, take a close-up shot or face. If the boy is wrapped with a towel and face pop out of the towel, he would look sweeter. This image should be taken in black and white mode using a prime lens. Aperture should be f/1.8 from three feet away.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas

Bathing baby

Most little boys like to play with water. Taking a shot when they are bathing in a tub is a fantastic idea. Boys like to waste more water than bathing. They splash water. Put some foam on his head and let him play in the tub full of water. Take this shot using a 50mm lens from a close distance. Remember to set shutter speed at high level. 1/1000s is perfect for fixing the splash of water in the air. He would look more attractive if he looks at your when splashing water from the tub.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas

He wants everything around

Some one-year-old boys are extremely playful. They try to experience whatever comes in their way. Nothing could stop him from doing this. Tackling them is a nightmarish experience. All the time, they try to make a mess. You can capture this funny activity. Maintain safe distance when shooting a naughty little boy as they might throw anything to you. Try to capture when they are extremely busy with some toys or household item. You can make an uncanny noise to get his attention. When he looks at you, instantly click. The right moment for this kind of shot is unpredictable. You have to take random shots using bounce flash. I hope at least one shout will stand out. Focus on him from at least eight feet away using f/8 aperture.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas

New experience

As the boy reaches one year, he tends to be curious about everything around him. He tries to feel everything by touching them. You can use their curiosity as an outstanding pose. They are specially attracted by glittering objects like Christmas tree and stars. Ask his mother to hold him little up in the air so that he could make a try to feel an object. A Christmas tree would be fine. He could try to touch the fruits hanging from the free. You can take this shot outdoor in real environment.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas

Birthday boy

Make his first birthday memorable with some excellent photoshoot. It may be quite difficult to make him sit and pose, but if you give him colorful balloons,he may sit without creating any mess. He probably would be more engaged with the balloon than looking at you. Let him do whatever he is doing. Placing a Styrofoam with the letters“ONE”on his side next to his seat would make the shoot more meaningful and interesting. Wait until he pays attention to you with a smiling face, which is the right moment to get a snap. Do not force him to achieve your goal. Otherwise,you will end up with a poor-quality image.1 Year Old Boy Photoshoot Ideas

Outdoor environment is suitable for taking this shot. Focus on the one-year-old boy from twelve feet away using f/5.6 aperture. Use 1/125s shutter speed. You can use a low-intensity direct flash to get the minute details. You may have to take random snaps until you get the best result. Always keep it in mind that shooting kids requires lots of patient.

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