Six-month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Every newborn kid is adorable and parents want to seal those special moments forever with a photoshoot. A photoshoot with a six-month-old baby is a special experience for parents. Imagine using some creative ideas for the photoshoot which will bring out the fun moments to keep a record for years. Alternatively, you can use props as well like your baby’s favorite stuffed toy to inspire your own masterpiece.

For a six-month-old baby, it is best to have a photoshoot at home. The baby will stay comfortable plus you can play creatively as you like. We know that you want to make your baby feel at its best and be playful at the same time. To elevate those precious moments during a photoshoot to another level, you can use our list of creative ideas and pick one that you like the best. Whether you are a major soccer fan or you want to channel the inner Disney prince/princess during your baby’s photoshoot, our creative ideas and props will come handy for you. Here are the best ones for your baby’s first photo session.

Baby Doctor

Are you a doctor family? Do you aspire for your kid to be a doctor when he grows up? Well, then this idea will work great for you. For all those parents who love to see their kids all dressed up as doctor, playing with daddy’s stethoscope or mommy’s big glasses, just being a doctor nerd, this photoshoot idea will come out brilliantly. We have shown an example of a doctor kid being playful with props. You can do the same with your kid as well.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Adventure Kid

If adventure runs in your veins and you want to see those glimpses in your six-month-old, then make him look like an adventure kid. You can be creative with this one as much as you like. You can dress him up like he is going on an adventure, as a tourist, and put all touristy things around him such as a compass or a globe. This will definitely be a fun shoot.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Disney Baby

How about channeling your inner Disney kid with a photoshoot? Well, this one will look very colorful and joyous to begin with. If your kid has a favorite Disney stuff toy, then this will come out perfectly. You can capture some fun moments of your kid playing with his favorite stuff toy and customized settings.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Cake Smashing Baby

If this one is your first baby photoshoot, then make it a Cake Smashing photoshoot and double up the fun. All you need is a beautifully decorated cake with some playful setting in the background. Have a cute little bunting with your kid’s name to add that special touch. Let your kid smash the cake and eat it and keep capturing all those delicate moments of his first photoshoot.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Playful Water Baby

If your baby girl loves to be playful with water, then this is a great idea for a photoshoot. It will need little investment to begin with. Dress your baby girl like a cute little princess and put her in a matching bath tub. Let her be playful with water and capture the best moments. A bath tub will make for a really interesting prop for your sweetie’s first photoshoot.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Baby Mugging

If your baby still feels little uncomfortable during a photoshoot and you have no idea how to convince your six-month-old for a shoot, then consider this creative idea. Yes, we are talking about baby mugging. Sometimes, settings and dressing up sessions may make the baby feel uncomfortable and cranky. He may not bring out his playful side during a photoshoot. But if he does otherwise, then you can use this idea to capture that with a quirky twist. Use mug as a prop and when your baby is at its playful best mood, click some pictures using that. And that’s how it is done!6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Chalkboard Photos

If your baby gets uncomfortable during photo sessions, then try another method to capture his cuteness. Wait for him to fall asleep. Now put your creative side to work and draw some relevant pictures on the chalkboard. You can make your kid a rockstar (as shown in the picture) with musical background, an urban kid, jungle kid, and more. There is no limit to creativity in this photoshoot.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Photo Fun with Sheets

If you want to have an unplanned baby photoshoot but wondering how to make it look creative, then this idea is just for you. You just have to be playful and creative with whatever is available. Look around you. You can play with colorful sheets to make props or beautiful background settings. Customize it the way you like it. You can let you baby play with those props and remain playful, or if he doesn’t, then wait for him to sleep. Snoozing babies look seriously adorable during their photoshoot.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Surrounded by Love

Here is an idea for your little prince or princess, if you love “love.”Just like your love grew into marriage and then a kid, making you three, in a similar way, you can express this emotion perfectly with this great photoshoot idea. The idea requires little investment. You need some alphabet props. A red bedsheet will work as a perfect background. Let your kid be playful and then capture his best moments.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

Sleeping Baby Photo Fun

Here is another idea for snoozing babies. Let your kid be an astronaut, a fairy, a playful kid, or whatever you like with the help of some creatively customized background settings. You can use sheets, towel, stuff toys, and other stuff as prop according to the background. That’s all! You have to wait until your baby starts to snooze.Your little cherub will love seeing himself snoozing through his first photos when he grows up.6 Month Old Baby Photo Shoot Ideas at Home

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