12 Cute Selfie Poses for Girls

Best Selfie Poses for Girls

Haven’t uploaded any unique selfie on your Instagram or other social networking sites for so long? We are sure that you might have got bored of taking the same “pout face” picture and giving it a new look with the captions and edits. But hey girl, life isn’t over yet! People may tag it as self-obsession but this is a serious business we are talking about.

Selfies need to be unique in creativity, styling, editing, and portraying different sides of you! Why not show the world your fun side with some uniqueness? There is nothing bad with at all! So, below we provide you a list of best selfie poses for girls that will astonish the world with your creativity and are surely going to make you the “Selfie Queen” in your community!

Capture Your Pout in Style:

Pout has been the first and foremost selfie pose that has been trending among girls for a long time. You need not take an every time straight selfie here! There is a perfect way to capture your pout. Just set your tresses and put on your mascara and that lip-gloss, tilt your phone a bit, and click!  Best Selfie Poses for Girls

Show Off the Nerdy You:

No, you do not need to pose with the books or while you are studying. This pose is very simple and it’s all about you with those nerdy glasses on. Let your tresses fall on both the sides, with one side covering the part of your specs. Place the camera in front, and with a hand on your chin, capture that sweet smile. You can even combine a pout with the nerdy look.Best Selfie Poses for Girls

The Fun Pose:

Every girl has a funny side in her. This is one of the best ways to show that off.

Best Selfie Poses for GirlsJust get your tongue out for the little tease and a laugh. A secret tip: get your best of makeup, though a simple one can work wonders! You need not work much on your hair. Let them fall as they are!

The Mirror Selfie:

The mirror selfie is one of the most convenient yet stylish selfies. In the mirror selfie, you get to pose from both sides,one from the view of the front camera and the other from the mirror view.

Best Selfie Poses for Girls

You have to capture yourself from the most attractive angle and click! Here goes an amazing selfie in selfie land! An important tip: Be careful of your background, if you want to save yourself from embarrassment in the future.Best Selfie Poses for Girls

 The Coffee Sip Selfie:

So, this selfie pose is not only for the coffee lovers but for anyone. All you need to do is to pose with an attractive mug and a great hairdo. You can play with your eyes and expressions and also keep it simple.

Best Selfie Poses for Girls

The Bubblegum Balloon Selfie:

This is yet another playful selfie pose for you beautiful girls. There are two aspects you can focus on: one, blow out that bubblegum balloon and get clicked with a wink. Or two, put on your funky reflectors on and click!

Best Selfie Poses for Girls

The Random Selfie:

There you go with another selfie pose, which is a random click for others (or one may call the candid one!), but a well-planned pose for you. Get your fun side on and play with you hat or hair with that teasing tongue out.Best Selfie Poses for Girls

The Thinker Pose:

Tired of showcasing the fun side and clicking the same selfie again and again? Well, let the world meet the intellectual you with a serious look and a “thinker” pose. For this, set your camera at a low angle and put your angle on either your forehead or your lips, the choice is yours.Best Selfie Poses for Girls

I Woke Up Like This Selfie:

The most talked about selfie! Put on your makeup, the most iconic eye makeup, and pose with your hair in a little messy way and caption your selfie as “I woke up like this!” Although it might have taken hours to set that winged liner on point! And don’t forget to get your blanket on!Best Selfie Poses for Girls

The Outfit of the Day Selfie:

Attending a wedding? Or getting ready for a party? Nothing like that then take out your best outfit and get dressed in your most amazing outfit. The best way to click a selfie, where you are able to give your viewers the information about your outfit and also showcasing the best style of yours!  Best Selfie Poses for Girls

Showcase Those Accessories Selfie:

You probably noticed that while you capture a selfie you are unable to showcase and focus on your accessories like danglers or neckpieces. So, this time, instead of focusing your expressions and props and outfits, time to capture your beautiful accessories. Steady your camera, focusing on the danglers of one side. In this selfie, half of your face will be captured so let your hair fall open on your forehead and shoulders making a frame for the danglers.Best Selfie Poses for Girls

The Shadow Selfie:

Finally had enough of posing in front of your camera?Tired of putting on different expressions and playing with props?This time, try to do something out of the box by clicking the picture of your shadow. The best part about this is that you get to capture the most attractive pose and also the best shape of your body. Tie your hair in an up-do bun and click.Best Selfie Poses for Girls

The Winged Liner Selfie:

Every girl out there knows what skills, hard work, practice, and time it takes to get that perfect winged liner! So, when you have got the perfect one, why not pose with it and flaunt how skilled makeup enthusiast you are. This pose is a great attempt to play with your specs too. Put your cat-eye specs and cover half of your face with your hair in a messy way. Compliment the look with a pout and there you go!Best Selfie Poses for Girls

Well, those were the poses but here are some points to also take care of while you are taking selfies:

  • Take care of the lighting.
  • Bring notice of the background only when it is beautiful and worth showing.
  • Get your mirror perfectly clean when capturing the mirror selfie.
  • Take care of the angle you place your phone. Your phone should never be at an180-degree angle while you capture your selfie.

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