Fabulous Photo Greeting Ideas for Christmas

Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

If you have always been proud of your abilities with the camera and are quite done for a century with the typical poinsettias, tinsel and the teddy bear routine in cards, here are some fabulous goodies of ideas for you to work on, to create your very own photo greetings for the upcoming season of love and joy. Yes, Christmas is as much about rediscovering the joy that seems to be missing after a hectic year. You discover also some of your best photographic tricks and can use them to recreate the message of Christmas in the most stunning of ways. All it would take is the composition of the message through some imagination, usage of lighting, props, dressing up the right way, and of course a bit of copy and paste. With the advent of things digital that makes the job easier, you are just a flash away from your very own grand idea that could be carried across to many you love awaiting your message.

Here are some important aspect of pictures that you need to capture that will make all the difference from being holiday ready and being the usual casual picture-Christmas is all about a certain element of color, mood and symbolism. Bringing in certain props, color usage through costumes and props will simply intensify the pose and the purpose of the picture and thus while preparing for shots keep in mind the purpose alive.

Photo Pointers

  • Lighting effect matters, but then who denies the usage of photoshop. The natural light pictures are to be taken with care considering the where it’s snowing.
  • Consistency or continuity in terms of dressing-though usage of similar colors like green and red creates the desired effect.
  • Props-candy sticks, marshmallows, lights, tinsel , stars and festoons also work wonders.
  • Getting kids and pets in the pic always works great.
  • Natural props like trees, snow, a barn, barrels and autumnal leaves, sticks sand logs, bushes and large trees are bound to add just the right natural effect.

The Quintessential Collage

You can never quite go wrong with the creation of random pictures taken through the year or during the beginning of winters with pictures in the park, or with kids telling them a story by the fireside, or simply fooling in the snow-all these come together to make a fabulous collage that carries the message of joy and togetherness and should be one of the best ways of creating a rich photo idea filled with the spirit of the season.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Collage works when there is a slogan that matches

Yes, perhaps for your collage idea to meet its mark think up clever slogans and tag lines coinciding with the pictures-‘Deerest’ Holiday Time( dedicated to Rudolph of course) or Snowbound and Happy( for your snowy pictures) –Plantation Day( For the day you take the tree home) and any such lines.

Here are a few more that have taken lines from carols and made the most of them with humorous pictures.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Chuckles and Chalk work

Doodle art could not have got more interesting and if you have that space on the side walk, or the road, use plenty of colored chalk to create graphics such as the ones given below and go crazy posing around them. The best part of course is in the economy of resources needed, the childlike abandon it evokes and the gorgeously simple picture it results in. Draw the basic tree, a snowman and if you wish snowflakes and do it the way this couple has done and tale a picture from point above to capture this art revelry in the frame. Add those red caps for more color.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Revisit the ‘Feel Good’ Times

There are seldom frames and pictures more inspiring and the kind that will not be immediately recognized than old movie posters. Use that as a launch of your photo idea for the Christmas greeting. Dress up as characters from the same movie and pose as in the original. Some amount of costume tricks of course maybe needed as would the hairdo bit, but a period look can be achieved by going black and white. Backdrop of course could be photo shopped.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Twin Trick!

Well of course this is restricted to the twins only but could be modified to suit siblings of varying genders and ages. Take an old snap and wear the same style of dress-as you had worn and pose the same way. The trick is in getting the backdrop and the lighting effect to look the same. The example here is stunning in its impact.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

The Christmas Tree and You

Seldom are photo ideas for Christmas complete without the typical entry of the tree, presents, stockings and the gifts wrapped up and waiting to be opened. Here is an idea that floors you-literally and you pile up one on the other in your cute caps in red and the largest member bears the brunt of them. The advantage-well first all faces look close to each other and hence the expressions are vivid as is the color effect in red. The low picture allows a different angle of looking at the tree, and the presents.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Deer Me It’s Christmas!

Essentially, a simple idea that can work well –this picture taken with stag horns makes Rudolph get a new pair of antlers for sure. Make yourself most presentable for this picture in easy styled clothes, maybe new denims, red pullovers, some green boots  and try and match it across the entire family for more cohesion. Catch those natural expressions.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

The Red and White Christmas

Make the most of the white sheet spread outside-hang some apples up from the tree that is bare but the color red will create an amazing impact. Make the child wear a red colored dress while the rest are in white. A spectacular effect can be created. Here the autumnal leaves work like natural carpet while the tree above looks stunning as well.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Placard Play

Making a collage in this style is truly simple with your kids and pets and multiple frames one after the other. A little effort to get all of the alphabets that make up the word sand you are done.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Tinsel Ball and That is all!

There is something so festive and bright about such props that it’s the only thing you will need to create your holiday pic. Take multiple frames so that you get your best shot to choose from many.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Two Shot Magic

Now you don’t see it and now you do-a simple idea that captures the wonder of white Christmas differently!Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

The Quirky Thought Picture

Put a smile on the face of all who read your thoughts this way-yes capture a thoughtful expression and write the truth about what they feel about Christmas in speech bubbles and see a wonderful idea getting translated on to a picture.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Light Is Right!

You can always be sure to get the right brightness and the most enigmatic of expressions with candle light or in pictures that have bulbs that crate just the right play of shadow and light. The first picture has a string of bulbs and the second a backdrop with festive lights. Both make an amazing holiday time picture.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

Remember when you send out greetings with photos, they carry a little of your real selves with it-so it makes more sense to endow it with some real ideas that reflect the real you.Christmas Photo Cards Ideas

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