8 Awesome Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

In my professional career as a photographer, I covered more than hundreds of wedding. Marriage photography is a special type of photography basically a hybrid of solo and group portrait. A DSLR camera with lighting set up and flash gun is a must. I will give you some effective cute and unique wedding photo pose ideas, I hope that would practically work even if this is your first assignment.

I recommend you before starting of this serious assignment you must have good control over DSLR camera operation. You know photographers are basically artist, they can easily find hidden beauties in men and women. They can tell you who look better in which pose.

Let it be any of cast or origin, the concept of marriage remains same. Marriage is best described as union of two souls. The major subject of any wedding photography is the couple. However as a photographer you shouldn’t focus only the couple. Only focusing on the couple doesn’t make any sense, you have to take it as an occasion. A good photographer will cover even the silly incidents, to make the album outstanding. Major photographers even many professional wedding photographers are not aware of this, as a result they only play around the couple and take repetitive common snaps.

After getting the assignment as photographer you should survey the banquet the day before actual ceremony. When surveying notice the color of celling, if it is white then ok. Again notice if there is any big mirror on the wall of banquet. How many objects are there, that can reflect the light. You should take some photographs of the couple individually, the day before the marriage ceremony. This will help you to create unique photo compose. Spend at least one hour in talking with your client, to get easy with them, because you need to be free with your client. Also talk to their family members.

Marriage is made in heaven. For any couple wedding album of their marriage ceremony is priceless. They not just want it to be filled with their own photographs, they also expect their family members and friends in it. Marriage album is a documentation of that auspicious day. No matter from which part of world you are, I am going to give you some unique wedding photo pose ideas from my long experience as a professional wedding photographer, that would fit any wedding album.

One should very much aware of custom and culture of that family before taking any wedding photography assignment otherwise you will miss some vital moments.

Equipment you need

Earlier I mentioned that without a DSLR camera covering marriage ceremony is just senseless. You should have very good control over manual mode operation and understanding of lighting system. A 18-200mm zoom lens is a must, this is important because you will not get chance to change lens. This 18-200mm zoom lens will serve as wide and telephoto at the same time. Some old photographer use 18-105mm instead of 18-200mm Always keep a 50mm prime lens for portrait or close up shot. For lighting system, a digital flash gun is a must. Two umbrella reflectors fitted with two remote flashes. A 3X3 feet Styrofoam or readymade reflector is needed. No need to carry any backdrop. As you have to shoot many photographs, it is recommended to carry an extra set of both camera and flash gun battery. You need to be technically and mentally prepared. Make your unique marriage album with my tips.

Auspicious makeup room

Generally make up man don’t allow anybody in makeup room except the bride and his assistant. As a photographer you need to take special permission to take some shots of makeup. This will be documented as official inception of marriage ceremony. Now focus on the bride’s face while she is receiving the final touch from makeup man.Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

Set your camera aperture to f/5.6 and shutter speed to 1/125s using bounced flash technique shoot this photo. Remember to capture her natural expression. If you get enough light in the makeup room them instead of using bounce flash, set your aperture to f/5.6 and shutter speed to 1/80s, use ISO200 or ISO400 to get a nice mirror portrait of the bride. Framing of the portrait depends upon your conception of art and beauty.

Made for each other

This is a very common type of shot. The couple will stand closely face to face, She will place her palm on his chest looking slightly downward, holding a sweet smile in face will act like an obedient wife. The groom must hold an innocent smile on his face. It’s a very dramatic moment.Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

Over acting is strictly prohibited. This is going to be a close up shot. So you need to attach your prime lens. Use your umbrella flash from right and left side. If you don’t have these use bounce flash. Bounce flash is only possible if the celling is white and low enough. Use f/2.8 with 1/500s shutter speed. Maintain at least seven feet distance from your subject.

Ring exchange

Without ring exchange shot your wedding photography will be incomplete. So take a close up snap of hands. Use 50mm prime lens with f/5.6 and shutter speed 1/125s , use bounce flash.Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

You can also use umbrella instead of bounce flash.Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

Infinite hug

Politely as the bride if she can happily hug the groom. This is a good unique technique to get a close up of her ornamental hands. If she does so,Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

Your duty is to focus on her hand. When they hug each other, take the shot from behind the groom. The photo will show the back side of groom and nice smiling face of bride and her decorated palms with ornamental rings.

Like a devoted wife

This a classic wedding pose, revealing a divine bond between two souls. This shot is perfect for Indian wedding photography. Facing the camera, in bridal makeup and clothing the bride closing her eyes like a devoted wife will embrace groom’s right hand, where groom’s chin will rest on her head. In this pose groom’s right and bride’s front side will be exposed. This photo should be taken using a prime lens, aperture of which will be f/5.6 and shutter speed 1/125. Focus will be on the nose-ring of bride. Focus her from at least seven feet away. Background distance will be more than twenty feet to get maximum blur effect.Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

Bridal dance

Let it be east or west marriage party dance is common all over the world.  People celebrate this happy moment with food and fun followed by moderate to horrific dance. This is that special moment you have to be very careful of your camera lens and flash gun. Always maintain some distance from the dancer. Sometime the couple expresses their happiness by dancing. And you have to shoot it. Remember this is not any static subject so, you must have to use high shutter speed, I recommend you to set your shutter speed to 1/1000s and an aperture to f/8 and ISO400 film speed should be used. In this case you may lack proper light, to make up this use your umbrellas from both side to avoid nasty shadows.Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

Marital understanding

Understanding and faith upon each other is probably the most important to brew a relationship. Post marriage life is full of duties, so this is better to take a serious shot that would show intimate conversation between two.Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

In this dramatic shot the bride in bridal dress will launch a silly debate with that lucky groom, standing face to face. As a brilliant wedding photographer your duty is to highlight the bride’s face from 45 degree angle. Partially expose that happy groom from the back. Use your 50mm lens set the aperture to f/5.6 and shutter speed to 1/125. Use bounce flash or you can use umbrella from both site from at least seven feet height.

Bridal body part

To make your wedding album more attractive take a close up of a body part of the bride. Look for the best body part in bride. This may be nose with nose ring, or beautiful eyes, or lustrous thin leap.Cute Indian Wedding Photo Pose Ideas

If you find a beautiful leap in bride, ask her to smile a bit. Watch from different angle. Choosing the correct angle take the close up snap from very close distance, using your prime lens. Aperture should be f/1.4 or f/1.8.  Shutter speed should be 1/1000s. Use ISO 100 to get the maximum detail.

These are some cute and unique wedding photo pose ideas. I hope, now you can make a cool wedding photo album.

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