Best of Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Nothing quite captures the love shared within family like a photograph. Creating the right scene and using the right type of settings you too can create the perfect family photos that you will cherish for generations to come. When it’s time to create that perfect family heirloom you’ll need to have some good photos.

Of course there are many ideas how to create the perfect family photo whether you’re outside playing in the fall leaves, warming by the fireplace on a cold winter night or strolling on the beach every family is unique.

We all know that it takes the inspiration to awaken your creative juices. And for this reason I have compiled this list of some of the best photo family photo ideas for you to share your photos and even print from home.

While the traditional family portrait for many be good enough for some persons you’ll probably want to create something out of the ordinary that will earn that smile when someone looks at it and will proudly show to their friends and why you’re reading this article.

Taking family photos the outdoors brings the excitement out of your family and allows them to express their fun side.

Posing on an old bridge

Having your family pose on an old bridge shows the generational gaps between your family and makes for a great outdoors family photo.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Use a Scenic Backdrop

Use a scenic landscape as a backdrop is a great tool to capturing a wonderful family photo.

Include some outdoor activity

Taking a photo of your family performing an outdoor activity together is a great idea for a photo and shows unity within the family.

Hold the kids upside down

For a nice flip on the traditional family photo, take a shot of the kids playing upside down.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Vacationing on the Beach

Wish you were here. Snap a shot of your family on the beach with the waves crashing behind as a backdrop.

Get Closeup and personal

Closeups are a great idea for family photos especially when taken of a couple of small group.

Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

No Need to Strike a Pose

You don’t need to striking the perfect pose. Instead, have them smile and relax for the perfect photo.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Let it Rain

If your idea for the perfect family picture is sunshine and flowers well think again. Taking a picture of your family caught in a heavy downpour makes a wonderful photo.

The Nature Shot

A great idea for that perfect outdoor family photo is to hoist your youngest on your shoulder while enjoying nature’s wonders. Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Include some Fall Scenery

Capturing some fall scenery in your photos creates the perfect environment for a wonderful outdoor family photo.

Share a Kiss

Have your parents, or grandparents share a kiss with your kids playing in the background.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

The Scenic Pose

Get the family to pose together in an outdoor scenic shot.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

The Landscape Portrait

Shooting a landscape portrait not only makes for a great outdoor family photo but also creates an exiting frame within the picture that can transform your family photos into fine art.

Create Something Meaningful

Capturing family generations standing together creates one of the most meaningful family photos.

Visit the Ocean

Snap a family photo at your favorite scenic ocean view.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Get the Kids Moving

You never know what great shots you’ll get once your kids start running around – Get them moving and snap off a few shots.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

The Bucolic Outdoor Photo

Capture the essence of your family by taking a picture with a bucolic outdoor backdrop.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Capture the world through the eyes of your children

Take a photo while your children are playing outdoors is a wonderful way to capture the world through their eyes.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors


Show your family’s exuberance by taking an outdoor picture out in the wild.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

The Outside Pose at The Family Home

Taking a photo of your family posing outside the family home is a great idea for that perfect outdoor family photo.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Make it Funny

Snap a photo of your children enjoying a laid back moment or laughing at something funny. Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors


There’s nothing quite like the watching the joy on a child’s face. Snap a photo of your youngest by swinging them through the air.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Mix it Up

Snap a shot of your family dancing, jumping or just going wild. Not all great outdoor family photos need to be traditional.

The Outdoor Trail

Take your family on an outdoor camping trip and blaze a few shots on the trail for some wonderful outdoor family pictures.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Own Backyard

Sometimes the best family photos are captured right in your own backyard. Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Get Your Dog In the Mix

Mix up your outdoor family photos by taking a few shots with your dog.

Play a Game

Taking a picture of your family playing an outdoor game such as musical chairs makes for a great outdoor family photo.

Shoot From a Different Angle

Skewing the angle of your camera for a creative shot makes for a great family photo.

Enroll some Christmas Cool

Get your family to dress wearing matching tees, jeans and sunglasses not only creates a great outdoor family photo but also a dramatic statement.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Spell it Out

Having your family hold up letters to spell a word such as, “Love”, “Happy”, or something funny is a great idea for getting that perfect outdoor family photo.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes the best family photos are captured by setting up outside, dressing nicely and letting the smiles come naturally.

Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Photo Opportunity at the Beach

Combine your trip to the beach, the people and the natural landscape for a terrific outdoor family photo.

Showing the Harvest

Including the harvest in your shot makes a great outdoor fall family photo.

Knock Knock

Featuring your front porch and door to welcome someone to your family photo is a great way to say hello.

The Hidden Smile

A magical outdoor scene and a hidden smile makes a great outdoor family photo.

Frame It

Frame the favorite faces in your photos from a child’s eye level.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Capture a Kiss

There’s nothing like capturing a kiss in the fall for an intriguing family photo.

Kiss your Nana

Just about everyone kisses their Nana when they greet her. So why not capture it for some great family photos.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Surround Mom with the Kids

There’s nothing like a mom being surrounded by her children. Capture the essence of this shot for a great family photo.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

To the Lake

Head to the lake and bring everyone for that perfect outdoor family photo. And don’t forget to bring the dog.

Creative Photo Editing

With some creative Photo editing software like Photoshop you can create some hilarious outdoor family photos of your loved ones.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Bring out the Sunshine

When taking your outdoor family photos dress your family in brightly colored clothing to really make your photos pop.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Holiday Retreating

Some of the best outdoor family photos are taken during holiday retreats while visiting a lovely outdoor spot.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Simple and Sweet

Taking a photo of your family admiring something such as a fall leaf makes a great outdoor family photo.Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Capture the Memories

Of all the memories we all hold dear we never let go of the ones made with our families. It’s the people who have been with us since our first breath and have journeyed through the good times and the bad. So lest we forget why not capture the moments that will make an awesome family heirloom and remind everyone just how important they are.

Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

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