15 Family Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas to Get You All Together

Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

You have always waited for your aunt to come visit you as it would mean some real goodies at dinner time and of course for the presents she brings with her. You also wait for your grandfather to come home as it would mean you will get extra time away from your studies and of course the endless stories by the fireside. There are many reasons why families are so cherished – they are the backbone that keeps us going even through the most turbulent of times. Capturing that love in fleeting meetings is never quite enough. Picnics, short trips together, and the usual weekend dinners also sometimes do not help you capture that happiness which you want to hold on to. As time goes by, busy lives keep us away and those short meetings too slowly ebb away. Getting the family together for a great photo shoot is the best way not only to capture those similar family features in pictures but also to get together for some truly fun-filled times exploring the outdoor setting and making the most of how you could once again wear the tag of –Being a Great family.

Pointers to make the pictures distinctive stamped with the feeling of unity is important – the Carters must all look like Carters and the Khans should all look like Khans so some kind of a similarity on dressing would help.

  • All generations should ideally be included.
  • Props, locations, and costume do matter as in the case with other photo shoot so don’t let just being together be enough.
  • Outdoors mean great amount of planning in terms so weather, distance form one’s locations, travel back time, and convenience of elders.
  • When elders are not involved and very young children are, there could be other challenges.
  • The thumb rule in all outdoor shoot is safety first.
  • And above all, when you are in superb locations and the backdrops matters so much,there’s no point in underplaying its impact with too much prop or costume play.

By the Lakeside, on the Rocks!

The lovely image catches ones imagination for so many reasons, but also because of the natural shades and colors in the clothing look sublime with the shades of grey of the rocks and the water. There is a natural appeal that runs through not just the composition but also the setting. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Get Into that Jersey

Sure, just what you need to look more cohesive and simply grab your brothers in for this family photo shoot. The two dogs add so much more of love and cheer in the frame. The undeniable similarity of the features of the brothers only gets strengthened by the similar jerseys. A very simple idea to execute before you go into catch the game. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

A Poignant Family photo

Sometimes,outdoor family photos need not be all about fun but also help communicate the message of forever love. This pose on the bridge does just that. The children sitting in the foreground and the parents looking at them from the rear is a gentle reminder that however distances may grow as they grow older, parents will always be that bridge between their hearts. A must try for its symbolism and gorgeous park location. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

All It Takes Is a Sprinkler

Your summertime need not always be at the beach. Head out to the garden and allow the dynamism of the sprinkler in the lawn do the rest. Children being what they are – the elders too can join in some fun and the natural shots one can get is something you will love to add to your family album. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Go Green!

The outdoors need not be some faraway fantasy land but your very own garden where you could get your gloves and dungarees on for some Sunday fun of gardening together. The natural setting and the fun of getting children together for something as creatively beautiful as this makes your photo session worth its while and its toil as well. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Bike Together

Grab this moment to take this family photo shoot while your kids are still far away from the motorized bikes and make this one sweet memory. Bike together to a park nearby and get some photos while you all are symmetrically together. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

By the Lakeside

This outdoor idea has perhaps been the most overused, but do notice that it is in finding that perfect spot that makes the composition apiece of art. The slope gives a certain leverage to the family,while the backdrop makes its own dramatic statement– undulating with floral spectacles as well as the water body. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

At the Pier

Roll up those jeans and just splash around and have some fun doing all those simple fun things that look adorable when in a frame . This is what outdoors does to your photos – lends it natural flair and innocence. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

A Truckload of Fun!

Get granny and grandpa in this one and,of course,all the grandchildren at the back of an old pickup. All you need then are just the smiles as the setting itself has nostalgia written all over. Get two versions –black white and natural colors. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Rustic Barn

There is something about rustic backdrops that lends more definition and charisma to the frame –maybe it is the lopsided look of all things round that makes the subject look all the more attractive. Pose differently as in this photo. The siblings in different spaces creates a canvas like feel-apart yet together. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Carnival Time

The colors of the carnival backdrop is something that a family will look happiest and the good cheer is something that need not be planted artificially. Add to that your colorful attires, plenty of candy floss,and balloons if you so want.Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Hatch Back Family Pose

Okay so this might look like an advertisement for a family car but does make an amazing space to get clicked in. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

That Old Comfy Couch and the Outdoors!

There is something about longing in that couch that everyone in the family wants to grab space on and it kind of symbolizes that one symbol of enjoying together – bring it outdoors and make it part of your picture. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

Camping Fun

We have all loved the idea of camping and now the entire family can relive the same love  – you could build a fire in your own backyard and do a nighttime shoot as well. Add lanterns in the tent and take pictures that would be super special. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors


It’s the natural lighting and the mellow mood that it sets for your photo that will always be the best way to add another shot that is filled with a great memory and love. Family Photo Shoot Ideas Outdoors

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