Selected Best Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

Maternity is not just about the baby bump, it’s also about a phase of life that makes you rejoice in the power of procreation-of a sense of wonder that your being a woman allows you to enjoy this power and how that can make a complete family for you. It’s capturing the changing body and the changing mind-the ups and the downs and the journey from morning sickness to glowing skin, swelling feet to clothes no longer fitting-of shapeless gowns and midnight hunger pangs.

The subject being as evocative as this, photo sessions should be such an easy task-but do remember that the very reason why the photo shoot is about to happen is missing-but for the bump we have nothing else-or is that so?

Maternity pictures can be full of fun a-suggestive ideas-playful scenarios created with family or friends-preparing for the delivery and of course the bump!

Here are some fantastic ways of looking back to this phase of life with joy and in seeing humor even in adjustments both bodily and mentally.

Remember that when you plan your shoot you must try and get the pictures in the 30 week or so as after that it could get a little more difficult to pose in odd locations and one may not want to take that chance.

Getting the mommy to be in the capture is most essential however clever usage of several factors add to the maternity canvas of joy.

Here are some ideas:

Getting Your Math Right

A simple blackboard, some graphics that make you add up the new head count in the family-to help get the addition right. This pose is sure to be loved by all even if mommy still does not show her best bump but the suggestion of the new member is all that is needed.Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Just Checking

Here is one of the best ways to get the sibling in the picture- and actively so. Who does not want to feel the baby kick and turn and do the flip- and checking on his all his antics is little brother. Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Silhouette Magic

There is something about the manner in which the human form begins to look its honest best without the wastage of detailing that is so superficial and in this case, the mommy looks fabulous even if we don’t really see her. A pose captured intrinsically in its purest form.

Here are several other options for silhouette poses with just the other and her moods. Could be outdoors against the setting sun, at the door, the window with our cup of coffee or whichever way the evidence of maternity shows well. Maternity Photoshoot Ideas
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Show your Cravings

Do this for the record and justify it well-this photo shoot must bring out in all its honesty the cravings that mothers feel and how one should be in-the-face candid and proudly so. Maternity Photoshoot IdeasGet all those goodies in the frame and dig in and let the camera catch the joy of it all. 

Soften the Backdrop

In this idea all one needs to do is align the sibling and the Dad in such a way that they too are looking at Mommy bump just like the camera is! Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

A Day at the Greens

Keep the outdoors as the first priority in your maternity shoot as this is the setting that is more in tune with your natural best. Here the green grass and the little dance of light creates a halo like feeling. The freshness and the allure of the outdoors, gets reflected in the heightened natural beauty of the mother to be. Add those tiny booties on the bump shows how tiny is the gift about to arrive!  Maternity Photoshoot Ideas When not with the spouse wear a beautiful gown or dress, leave our tresses loose, and wear a flower band  and get these shits taken –either at sunrise or when the sun is about to set. In the diffused kind of lighting you could truly bring out the beautiful change your body is undergoing.

Here is another one where the mother to be is in her own world exploring the beauty of her own mind-the capturing of the eyes tilted downwards and the smile that gently touches her face giving away her pure joy of what she is feeling is simply amazing in content. The beach too is a perfect location for this and the dazzling light creates this halo with her pink dress. Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Give the Bump Its Due

While I might not consider that too be the only concern the fact really is that the bump one of the most prominent aspects of maternity and when it is taken in this peek-a-boo manner, the cuteness is undeniable. The play of light and shadow matters as well.Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

One on the rocks

Sure that is one liquid you will be avoiding for this entire phase but there is one thing you could have on the rocks-a photo shoot as it lends the best kind of backdrop for a soft silhouette . A graceful image is easy to get when the backdrop is so dramatically natural. Lounge on the rocks and make yourself as languidly comfy as you can.

Sibling Love

This is one pose that never ever fails to get everyone to go-awwww! So don’t miss out on the mush that will come in dollops of sweetness. A perfect picture for your album.

Size Wise

Get a baby who is less than a year old and all you need then is a baby bump with its age and the out of tummy baby with its own age. Makes for an interesting take!

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Unpose It

There is nothing more refreshing than someone reveling in the beauty of the moment in the most natural way and that requires more than a clever planning-the light, the right mood and the perfect setting that should not look made to order. All of these play a very important role in creating those lasting images. Here are three that could be copied. Maternity Photoshoot IdeasThe room setting with your pet in the backdrop and the cozy comfort of your own space and your mood is all that it takes.  Solo or with the partner-it does not quite matter as long as the backdrop is as natural as it gets. Maternity Photoshoot IdeasThe library snap of course says what modern life situations-the library, at the market, ice cream parlor or the gym-there are several places you could explore.Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

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