The Best of Photo Book Layout Ideas

Photo Book Layout Ideas

You have been consistently taking pictures-different subjects, themes, content and myriad ideas have flooded your mind while taking them. Somewhere down the line you have felt the need to showcase your body of work. It isn’t necessary that you have to create photo books for commercial purpose only. It could simply be your personal collection with pictures that have a certain coherence of display and convey a certain stream of thought. It is something you may be wanting to share with your family and friends, which again necessitates a certain look at how best can your portray what you consider your art, in the best possible way.

Just like art galleries work very hard to create the backdrop, lighting , vantage locations for displaying paintings and sculptures, a photobook is that similar kind of space , albeit much smaller. It is your very own gallery that can elevate the look of the photo, give it more resonance and meaning so as to help convey the mood, the subject density and the thought with more intensity.

There are several ways of getting ideas for the layout of your photobooks and most of them come in the form of free templates available on the internet. Yes, there are certain stipulations that will help you choose the best option for yourself.

Here are some basic tips for choosing the layout:

  • Always and always begin with the basic motive for creating the photo book-is it for your family-for a commercial purpose or for a client-in all these cases the choice of the layout will vary.
  • Decide on the theme and content next-what ideas are you wanting to showcase.
  • Image selection is up next and this is where knowing your theme is very important.
  • Next, work on the image order as it needs to tell a story-a way of keeping the viewer riveted to the next page that is opening up.
  • The layout-whether it should be full page pictures and how will the text fit ion if at all and stuff like that.
  • Finally you could think of giving it a cover.

Some of the best layout patterns one has ever seen are all the kinds that tell a story- an idea is taken to its right culmination through a visual journey that gets richer as the pages are turned. You must therefore give it a personal touch and try keeping the interest going.

Creating A Focal Point

The most important element in a photo book is that you need to keep the interest going on each page. Remember these are life events that are clearly etched in your mind and so to make it seem like fun to others show them the most attractive bit as the focal Photo Book Layout Ideaspoint-as the image that will grab their attention and this is exactly what is there in the page below. The rest just falls in place. The seas side story of course gets more resonance from usage of blue on the page.

The Bleed over Page

Yes, the picture that bleeds means the one that goes right up to the end of the page and beyond-this layout always works wonders for those vivid pictures that you want people to take a closer look at-its drama is what you want to hook them to.Photo Book Layout Ideas

The Landscape Layout

This of course is great for all kinds of larger than life photos where you have taken a shot that is really a wide angled one that takes in the horizon. Photo Book Layout IdeasUse the rest of that space to place the rest. To draw in more cohesiveness, use a similar layout for a few pages and not all.

Scenario Pages

You maybe wanting to make a photo book of your training session in a far away exotic place or your holiday album to a real paradise but if you do not show the setting with more clarity your juxtaposition does not look too convincing. Photo Book Layout IdeasUse a spectacular landscape picture to place yourself within. This makes the context and the value of that theme more clear to the one looking at your happy pictures-now understanding better why you look that happy!

The Caption Catcher

Look at the beauty of this album wherein a beautiful phase of life has been creatively made to look as the least stressful and most joyous-like the waves of happiness in the waves of the sea. Photo Book Layout IdeasNote how the collage like pictures, cropped and otherwise, have created that little space for the date, and events detail. Also the larger picture makes the focal point so clear and then brings on the finer details.

The Scrap Book Layout

Place your best bet on this style of layout as it brings out the best features in the most informal of ways-adds more fun with the little calendar page that give you the wedding Photo Book Layout Ideasdate to the close ups and the holding hands picture-each one adds up to a story that is being told concisely. It is imperative that your layout be worked according to the flow of the events –especially if it is a wedding album.

The Empty Space Layout

Of course it is done on purpose and in the two sample pages below you can see how the vacant page allows ones album to breathe a little and make things less cluttered and confusing. In fact in the page below do note the color of the blocks have been Photo Book Layout Ideascoordinated with the page color to help it achieve a sense of cohesion. Note the empty blocks as well that carries the page number. An easy breezy style most suited for holiday albums.

Repeat Frame

Quite obvious in this layout is the urgency of the moment as the groom is almost about to reach the altar. Making the page layout respond to that energy is the usage of severalPhoto Book Layout Ideas shots that build it all up to the point when the time is being checked in the watch. A very carefully planned set of photos can make this layout really happen. Note the overlap, the black and white photos and the candid shots along with portraits.

The Vivid Layout

The layout below simply is as energetic as the child whose fourth year it is trying to portay. Note the usage of colors in many hues-nothing boring or repetitive- and the Photo Book Layout Ideasspaces for the blurb as well as scrolls across certain pictures telling her many tales. A great way to present photobooks on kids growing up.

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