11 Innovative DIY (Do It Yourself) Prop Ideas for a Photo Booth

Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIY

The cheapest way to have the most fun out of a photo session is DIY props which is obviously a funny part of a photo booth. The good news is these props are very easy to make. Most of these can be made in less than a dollar. There is no certain rule to make those props, and there are thousands of possibilities to make them. In this article, I will discuss on how to make them at home in an easy way.

Using props is an excellent way to have fun in any party photo session like birthday party or wedding party. People like to laugh, so this would be an excellent idea to bring laughter in parties. Professional photo booths are costly enough. If you hire one you have to spend some money. However, they are sophisticated and have many features like real-time display screen, proper lighting, nice changeable backdrops, and good quality camera. Professional photo booth contains wide variety of props, like moustaches, hat, crown, sunglass, leap, and many other fun making prototypes. If you don’t want to spend on them, then this is good idea to make some on your own. DIY photo booth props can be more fun than professional ones, because you can customize them easily and use your own sense of humor.I like making DIY projects from when I was younger and I really enjoy this.

Many printable props are available on the Internet. But I would suggest you to design your own. Most photo booth props can be made in less than an hour. After gathering some experience on how to cut cardboard and how to trace, you can make many props even less than thirty minutes. You can call it simple DIY crafts. Designing matching DIY props for different types of occasion is our target.

The Utensils You Need

Any DIY project needs some special utensils. To make DIY photo booth props, you need:

  • Two scissors, a medium size and a small size
  • Paper cutting knife
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Paper punching machine (optional)
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Geometry box
  • Liquid gluePhoto Booth Prop Ideas DIY

Dummy Ice Cream

This is a very cool idea to add some fun to party photo session. Who doesn’t love ice cream? Instead of the real one, we will make a dummy in some easy steps. This is very simple to make.All you need is a good sense of color scheme. Our dummy ice cream will be made of simple glossy colored paper. Choose the perfect color according to background and color of dress.Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYFirst, you have to make a cone using hard paper or thin card board. To make the cone, you can use hot glue. Now make a big Styrofoam ball.This would be our ice-cream toping on top of the cone. Wrap the Styrofoam ball with glossy colored paper and place it on the top of the cone.You can fix these two objects with hot glue. DIY dummy icecream is perfect for birthday parties or X-mass photo sessions. Instead of Styrofoam, you can use some colored cotton ball to fabricate icecream.


Have you heard about masquerading? This is an ancient Roman culture. We can make the same at home. But we don’t need to make a Batman-type mask. Instead,we will make a cool and lovely romantic mask that would be suitable for a fun photoshoot. Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYTo make it, first download a party face mask design from the Internet.Now,put this image in Photoshop or Illustrator and resize it so that this could fit most. Now take a printout and make a replica of it on a thin cardboard by tracing it. Do exactly same as possible. Don’t forget to put two eye-shaped holes in it. Using a paper punch machine, make two small holes at the end of two corner.Here,we will attach a rubber band or elastic.In the nose position make a bevel so that it could easily fit on the nose. Now use colored spray to color it, so that itwould look professional. You can also stick some multi-colored glitters and small stars on it to make it more attractive.

Cool Eyewear

Wearing a heart-shaped spectacle frame is always a fun for any party photoshoot. To make one, you have to download an image from the Internet, and then using a pencil,Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYtrace it on a thin cardboard and cut it precisely. Then spray some red or pink color on it.This should be glossy color. Fix a two-foot-long pencil-thin stick in the end of your improvised lovely frame by using hot glue.

Crown or Hat

I think the crown is more fun to make than a hat, because the hat is a common choice. How will you make it? It’s very simple. Just download a beautiful picture and Photoshop it to make a suitable size. Then place it on a cardboard, trace it,and then color it according to your choice.Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIY

Fun with a Moustache

There are hundreds of moustache photo booth props over the Internet.Download your favorite style and print it.Then,make a thin cardboard replica by tracing the image. Color it in black. Stick a thin stick in one of the end, and your prop is ready.Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIY

Gigantic Polaroid-Style Frame

This is the perfect prop for wedding photography, and at the same time, this is very easy to make. We will make this with Styrofoam sheet. You can color the whole Styrofoam sheet. Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYThe sheet must be of three feet in height and two feet in width. Draw a 2X2 feet square slightly on the upper side of the sheet and then cut the drawn squire with a knife. This is our Polaroid photo frame.

Paper Flower Backdrop

This is a wonderful idea for birthday or wedding party photoshoots. But this may be relatively costly. There is no printable method to make it. You have to make colored paper flowers by your own. Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYYou can get help from the Internet on how to make them. Make them in various sizes and colors. Stick all flowers on a giant Styrofoam sheet. This would serve as a good photo backdrop prop.

Angel Wings

Making DIY angel wings is not very difficult. Again, this is not printable. You have to make two wing-shaped GI wire frame. Aluminum wire is the best because it is extremely lightweight. Tie the two parts by a thin wire. That’s all. Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYNow you can decorate the wings using any medium like silk, cotton, feather, or even paper. Now the question is how it will fit on the back. To solve this, use two or three cloth hanging clips in the joining portion of the two wings.

Deer Antler

Wearing a hat or sometimes crown is a common idea. We could make these differently. So we will make a deer antler. This is obviously a unique idea and one of the funniest photo booth props idea. Just download a picture of deer antler from the Internet and then Photoshop it to make a wearable size. After that, trace it on a Styrofoam and cut accordingly. Now make it brown by spraying some brown spray color. You also can add some shade with light black color to make it look more real. Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYThis can be made with skull or without skull. If you make it with a skull, then use a stick as a holder on the back side. Use hot glue or simply duct tape as a binder. In case of only deer antler, make two holes at the bottom of antler and tie it with a rubber band or elastic. This is perfect for birthday fun.

Beer Bottle Fun

This is a perfect item of fun that can make your wedding party photo session funnier. The idea is very simple.There are many beer company advertisements on the internet.Copy two or three different styles beer bottle images. Then Photoshop it according to real beer bottle size and print them. Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYNow just trace the border area on each beer bottle on a cardboard. After that,cut them into pieces. Paste the printed bottles as a label on beer-shaped cardboard. Fix a stick from behind using hot glue, as a holder. Each one will hold a dummy beer bottle in a group photo.

Hanging Pine Dolls

Another wonderful photo booth prop is making little dolls using pine cones. Make a dozen pine cone dolls and hang them behind as a backdrop or you can hang them in foreground.  Photo Booth Prop Ideas DIYJust take a Styrofoam ball, color it, and draw eyes nose and mouth on it.Put a conical shape crown on the ball. Glue each one on a pine cone. You can make hands and legs with springs or wire.

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