The Best Ideas for Creating Photo Collages for Your Bedroom Wall

Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

People with good sense of art and creativity always decorate their bedroom with painting, photography, sculpture, and other works of art. The idea of a photo collage is unique and lovely. This can enhance the beauty of the room to a great extent.

The tradition of collage has a deep root in the history of art. The genre was practiced and nurtured by the famous painter Pablo Picasso. The traditional meaning of collage is to create a unique piece of art from different artworks using glue.

Simple Single Frame Collage

In single frame photo montage, you can illustrate a photo with other pieces of art work like a silk butterfly, colored paper, cardboard, and typography.
Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

Usually, I choose a classic shot like a close-up photo of a couple. Vintage-style black and white or sepia-toned photograph is a perfect choice to make this kind of photo collage.

Place a flat cardboard on the table or the floor. You can spray some antique color on the upper side of the cardboard. Then cut a thick white paper slightly larger than your photograph. The edge of the paper should be like stamp-edge. You can do this easily by punching small holes in a line. Stick the paper on the painted cardboard with good quality of glue. Then stick that photography at the center of the paper. Add a silk-made butterfly (light colored) at the corner of the photo. Your single photo montage is ready to enhance the beauty of your bedroom wall. You can stick it with some glue on the surface of the wall.

Wall Corner Family Collage

This is an exclusive way to represent your family members or interesting events. With this conglomerate of pictures at the corner of your bedroom, you can feel the charm of innovative creation.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

Take a bunch of photos. A family photo of a wedding or an interesting photoshoot like your participation in any sporting event would be suitable. Choose a well-lit corner of your room and draw a shape using the meeting point of the two walls. Drawing a big heart shape outline is simple enough even if you are very bad at drawing. Paste photos with glue following the outline of the shape. Then fill the inside with the same category of photographs. Isn’t it simple enough?

Watch-Shaped Collage

This is one of my favorite collages. A timeless piece of artwork. If you can spend a little bit, this would be a unique idea to boost the beauty of your living room.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

To make this, make a wall-quartz watch machine. Make a big circle with a pencil on your bedroom’s wall and separate the circle into 12 segments.  Place the watch at the center of the circle. Instead of time-numbers, place photographs. Number 12 should be replaced with an outstanding shot. In this way, you can display an event or your family history in a chronological order.

If you want to make photos interchangeable, first stick twelve thin sheets of iron on the wall in the position of the time-numbers. Then stick magnets to the back of the picture and then place those photos on the metal sheet.

Isn’t the idea good enough to replace a conventional wall clock with a collage?

Better Letter Photo Collage

This probably the best photo collage idea to engrave your childhood. To make this, first cut a paper in the shape of a letter. Take for example “ME.” Cut a paper in the shape of “M” and “E.” Now place some close-up photograph of your childhood (black and white is preferable) and paste those photographs on the paper-made letter with glue. After that, carefully cut the photographs in a way so that the main subjects will remain in the letter. You can laminate the photo-letter. Stick these letters on the wall to make a word or sentence.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

Table Top Photo Collage

Covering table top with table cover is an old idea. For those who want to do something new, this is an excellent idea to represent family members or interesting events on table top using photo collage.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

To make this, choose some same sized photographs of your family. I recommend to choose black and white only, but you also can use colored photographs. Take the measurement of the table top and cut a piece of thick paper in the shape and measurement of that table top. Then glue all the photos side by side or corner to corner. I suggest you make a geometric shape if possible. Photographs should be in the same direction. After you are done, wrap the collage with high-quality transparent thin plastic to prevent moisture or water damage, or if possible you can laminate it. Place it on the top of the table. I would recommend you to put a thick glass cover on it so that they remain in fixed position and get protected from liquid or moisture.

Hanger Art Photo collage

Just few years ago, I made a visit to my photographer friend. I found an excellent piece of art. He made a photo collage using a simple clothes hanger. I instantly copied that idea and as soon as I got home I made it in my own way.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

I purchased a wooden hanger to give it a traditional look and chose some 5 X 7 sepia-toned photograph of my childhood and made three lines of photograph. I put five photographs in each line and then stitched them well and let then hang them from wooden hanger in three lines. A few days ago, my uncle came to my house. He gifted me a dozen chocolates after seeing my creation.

It’s very simple. You can try this yourself.

Cool Table Lamp Photo Collage

Displaying photographs within a table lamp is an innovative idea. A photo collage made this way has a special charm. This is very simple to make. Bringing photos of family members together is unique.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

Take a thick sheet of polythene, at least four feet in length and one and a half feet width. Use transparent glue in the back of photographs and place them serially on the polythene sheet. Fold the sheet like a pipe with at least one and a half feet diameter. Place a CFL lamp inside it using a lamp holder stand and enjoy your photo collage table lamp. The idea is perfect as a dramatic representation of family members. You can use it as a night lamp. Always use a low-watt lamp. Otherwise, the photographs may burn or catch fire. I recommend you to use only black and white photographs to make this piece of art.

Family-Tree Photo Collage

A must for all collage lovers. This is an outstanding way to display your family members in a chronological order. To make it, draw a tree that have branches equal to your family members. Put your forefather with his wife on the top and then place all other photos in descending order. You can cover the whole generation in this collage. Don’t forget to write name of each member. You can put framed photographs.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

Star-Shaped Photo Collage

Recently, I made a photo collage using a Christmas star. I purchased a big star from the market and made a replica of that using hard cardboard. I shaped all my family photographs (including my grandfather and grandmother) by cutting them so that they can cover all the star surface area and stick them using glue. It’s a wonderful piece of art. The photograph gets a three-dimensional effect. I recommend you to make one. In this case, colored photographs should be used to make it more vivid and attractive.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

Magneto Photo collage

This kind of photo collage is perfect for your bedroom wall. Select your best photographs. Bring some magnets and equal number of thin iron sheet. First, chalk out the position of photographs by placing them on the floor. I this case, varied sizes of photos can be used. Place the larger one at the center and put the others in the surrounding area. Stick a magnet at the back of each photo. Then stick all those metal sheet on the surface of the wall and put photos on it. The main advantage of this is that you can change the position easily whenever you want.Photo Collage Ideas for Bedroom Wall

I hope my ideas will help you to create beautiful photo collages for your bedroom’s wall.

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