Best Photo Frame Decoration Ideas to Dress Up Your Walls

Photo Decoration Ideas

The wall was lit with a muted golden glow, as if nostalgia was right there, written on the wall, painted through pictures of all those moments that define your happiness and joy. This sight left me wondering as to how old pictures and their frames, in the right setting, can turn into works of art. Walls are canvases that respond to color, hues, and dimensions created on them. What could be better than pictures that show emotions, frames that carry with them the imprint of a design, and of course the creative touch of great display that gives them a whole new meaning.

Preparing and Conditioning

Any new idea needs an environment to launch itself and more so when you are making a creative endeavor that would wholesomely affect the look of spaces.

Things you need to remember in creating the best ever effect in photo frames are the content of pictures, the mood you wish to portray, the display area where the pictures are being set up, the size of the wall, the color coordination aspect, the textures, shapes, and the overall synchronization with the decor.

What should I look out for in new picture frames ideas to make them more dramatic?

  • Colors – surely you know that colors preceded another form of consideration as they have to tune with the setting.
  • Contrast or coordinate with the palette
  • Introduction of textures
  • Thematic considerations in the decor
  • Lighting options available
  • Location of pictures

Let’s go with the ideas theme-wise and see what suits your need.


A fascinating way to go about pictures from the past would be to add the monochromatic magic. Go with alternating black and white frames with the pictures too in black and white. Better get some newer ones developed in black and white and insert it in. Go with brass chandeliers for lighting and ornate furniture in the setting around to develop the look.Photo Decoration Ideas

Here is one that uses shelves, but the impact is undeniable.

Vintage Chic or Shabby Chic

Go whole hog on these designs in your choice of shabby chic decor setting with pictures that are personal to nature pictures. Anything that is way too beautiful gets all the more alluringly with rugged, rough, and carefully curated look in shabby chic designs.Photo Decoration Ideas

Photo Decoration IdeasIn the picture below, it is more of the shabby wooden rack that creates the impact.

Classic Vintage Style

This involves a lot more of thought in ornamentation – with gilt and gold, carvings and broader more profoundly worked borders. It too could be used in a style that mixes sizes and designs to make it look more contemporary.Photo Decoration Ideas

This is how you can do that vintage look in a whole new way. Simply take a larger one and fit in as many smaller vintage pictures within. Nouveau vintage all the way and one that is truly unique.Photo Decoration Ideas

Lace and Lattice

There is something truly fresh about delicate handmade fabric such as lace, and when they happen to be part of your framing adventure, here is what you could expect – a delicate hint of agelessness, which is pretty and very feminine. They are best suited for romantic pictures or those showing deep emotions like between mother and child or childhood pics.Photo Decoration Ideas

Contemporary Decals and Pictures

The idea basically uses the wall as a larger canvas to create an impact with a larger graphic supporting a theme in the photos. This is most suited for family tree pictures that always help create a warm little cozy seating area.Photo Decoration Ideas

The Overlap

There is no doubting the look of ultra chic modernity that this style can bestow on your walls, and what it needs is a random collection of small and large frames wherein you can have them placed in manner that makes smaller one fit within larger ones. It would be great to color coordinate it with each other for a more cohesive feel.Photo Decoration Ideas

Vintage Tin Signs and Vintage Pics

Recreate an era gone past with signage from the times – maybe some great advertisement whose print you may have managed to get – and place it along side some of your oldest family pics.Photo Decoration Ideas

The Mish Mash of All Your Beauties

You have been creating gorgeous picture frames and placing them in all parts of your home, but here is another way of doing up the wall with their one of a kind presence. Get them all together. It would work even more like a large canvas for all these beauties if you color the wall a shade darker than the rest of the room to give it more of a highlight.Photo Decoration Ideas

Here’s one created with an intensely rich-colored background that makes quite an impression with metal hued frames to add that baroque look.Photo Decoration Ideas

Frames the DIY Way

There can always be a refreshing addition to your collection of frames which can hold all those pictures of your child or your most tender moments in these delicately handmade frames that convey that personal touch. Use materials such as shells, ribbons, buttons, and the like and adorn a wall in your child’s room to lend it more love.Photo Decoration Ideas

The Doorway, Window, and Large Mirrors

They act as a natural vantage point for giving your pictures that amount of focal point. The very nature of the arch naturally makes it suitable for pictures and the easy display along the arch.Photo Decoration Ideas

Play with Colors

Here are some abstract photographs in black and white with black thin frames that have gained a certain exuberance from the usage of a variety of colors that take them to quite another level of wall display.Photo Decoration Ideas

Texturization and Using Patterns

When frames themselves use the same color tone but differentiate one from the other with the help of patterns, that creates a whole new look than using the same frame repeatedly. Note the usage of the same color not in the backdrop but in the adjacent wall so as to help build cohesiveness in the decor.Photo Decoration Ideas

Metal Wall Art and Photos Display

Play around with several other mediums to set off the next idea in display for any of your rooms. Like this gorgeous branch with three butterflies and hanging from them are three picture frames that hold precious family pictures.Photo Decoration Ideas

Remember that apart from the wonder and joy of seeing your own family or the best shots you may have ever taken, the display of photos is all about creating a visual impact and that comes from the right presentation using frames, the location of the pictures, the configuration, and the lighting effect. All of these are integral to a great wall display with framed photos.

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