15 Fun Photo Display Ideas for Birthdays

Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Birthdays can be quite an imaginative play of ideas. The point really is to make one feel either all grown up or not grown old at all. These would be the two other ends of the spectrum. If you are celebrating the first couple of years for a child’s birth, it would matter to make him or her feel good about growing up and if he/she happens to be someone older, being more sensitive about the age would be best. Photos can be used to emphasize how the person has remained young. Above all, photo displays are great way to make things seem more personalized, focusing on the joy of having the person in your life and giving him or her the place of honor as the birthday boy or girl. Usual banners, buntings, and decorations may not quite spell out with as much clarity the person who’s making the big age announcement.

So what should you be very careful about while displaying photos at birthday parties?

  • Placement of the display would have to be worked out in accordance with the rest of the décor, giving ample leverage for its viewing.
  • Designs could be age and number specific or according to one’s name.
  • Since birthdays are all about bright colors, displays should also sport bright and bold colors and shades.
  • Lighting must be such that photos can be seen easily
  • The photos chosen should be placed in such a manner that people can see it at eye level.
  • Displays could include the birthday boy or girl’s favorite sport, hobby, or personality-related.
  • Displays need not always be large as we will see, but make an impression with its originality of idea.

The Table Album

As guests arrive,they should be able to sample some of the best photos that you would have collected over years and have placed in these photo books that could be kept open. Crafted by hand, it would be the best possible way to showcase the love you feel on the special day. It also matters how you decorate the table itself where the large album could be placed for all to see.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

The Birthday Baking Project

Here is one of the most dynamic ways of creating your very own birthday display that has to do with cakes and baking. Get the kids to work on baking, take plenty of photos of which you could pick the best, and do up a display that would look something like as in the picture, focused and very much in keeping with the cake that is central to the party. Here is well thought of idea that can help in creating a rather unique kind of display of photos.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Buntings and Banners

Always the kind of display that is cheerful and joyous, they are great way to announce a celebratory air that can be easily placed be it outdoors or indoors and can also be created with a combination of paper and photo prints, thus not taking away from their colorful look. There are so many ways that buntings can enhance the look of birthdays – from the fireplace, the curtain rod, or simply several layers across the wall.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Pop-ups on the Table

Place the photo sturdy straws and use them in some kind of logical sequence – if the birthday is that of a year old child, month-wise progression could be displayed. This makes for an easy layout that could take up some corner or a long table where separate display could be placed. Add other attractive groundwork so as to hide the manner in which you have erected the display.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Driftwood Displays

One of the easiest to achieve, it’s the branches that give you so many angles from where to suspend pictures and makes it such an easy effect to achieve. Particularly useful when you have an elderly person whose life and times need to be displayed with much fanfare.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Shabby Chic Door

This idea is great of you have a garage load of some old planks, panes, and things that could be reused and recycled as props. The best way to enhance the photo display of course is in using brightly painted old wooden doors that will immediately catch everyone’s attention.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Shabby Chic Ladder

Displaying photos on this is rather easy. The different levels too can be used to segregate types of photos. Twine and clothes pegs are all that are needed apart from your well-chosen photo collection.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Fairy Lights

Here is the best way to go about an evening part using the fairy light tube as a place to suspend photos from. Easy and a two-in-one solution to décor.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Using the Staircase Innovatively

While you may have plenty of photos on the wall that are formal displays, there has to be some more color in a birthday party and a simple way of enhancing that could be using colored ribbons and placing photos on them which then could be hung the way it has been from the staircase. Better still if this could be the backdrop of the table where the food is laid out.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Temporary Albums

Create several accordion photo albums that you could place in several places in the room where the party is going to be held. Use black or bright-colored construction sheets for this and liberally sprinkle such little albums in different spaces.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Name Wise

Using the first letter of the birthday boy of girl’s name also is a great way to create a figurative display that is large and impressive.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Framed Mirrors

Use the iron grill frame to tie up the anchors to place your photos. Crisscross the string to cover the mirror. The frame provides a natural look enhancer to the display. You could try this with several such framed articles in your home.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Balloons Do It Best

There’s something so cheerful about their colored presence and their perkiness that they are the perfect way to draw attention to photos as well. Suspend your photo choices for the day from these balloons that could be clustered above the dining table or as people enter they could find one up the entryway. In any case, there is no way that it will not be noticed.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Number Wise

Yes, simply create the shape of the birthday number in whatever way you desire and the shape is easily accomplished by pasting photos on to paper cutouts in the same shape as the digit. Photo Display Ideas for Birthday PartyThe picture below of course is special as it is for the 1st birthday and the mom has created this cardboard cutout that has the photo collage.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Window Panes and Empty Picture Frames

There is a great utility as well as value in terms of shabby chic looks when it comes to using repurposed wooden frames as well as windows whose glass panes could be used just like frames as in the sample below.Photo Display Ideas for Birthday Party

Birthdays are special in many ways and when one gets older, memories of some special celebration stay on which includes the kind of decoration we choose. Make that happen with photos which can lend so much character and personality to your décor idea.

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