13 Truely Creative Photo Gift Ideas for Him

Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

It’s always been a struggle, and all of womankind faces it. Thinking of gifting anything to your boyfriend is a case of a brain freeze! Either he has already got what you have just thought of gifting him or he has been too polite to refuse a gift that he really does not need. Finding gifts for a boyfriend can be one of the several Herculean tasks a woman will encounter many a times in her life. Men generally are more utilitarian in their views,which really does not mean that they do not like the idea of getting pampered or indulgences. They do! The point really is in understanding what is indulgence to them is diametrically opposed to the idea that women have.

Sentimental, useful, novel, and with an eye on what makes him happy, these characteristics are all that matter. So why not explore some possibilities that combine his love for several such things that are close to his heart and place some great memories alongside or on them. Why not make photo gifts for him that will remind him of your love in no small measure?

Creating your very own customized gifts with photos that you know he holds dear will of course be the most important ingredient in this project as will the fact of your involvement in getting just the photos he would love to see over and over again. That personal concern and your involvement makes it more precious.

Here are a few things that might help you along the way:

  • By now, you would know what kind of photos your guy likes – natural poses, from his childhood, or that of sceneries. Go on. Do some snooping around if that is what it needs.
  • Focus on some of his favorite pastimes –does he watch football, maybe baseball, or cricket?
  • Does he have a secret desire –to meet a celebrity or some wild plans of the kind(they all have some such weakness: use that also to trigger an idea)
  • Is he agizmo gadget guy or more into cars –there are several things that could trigger an idea and you just need to know your man well enough.
  • Know his bucket list of must dos or must haves and that should give you plenty of things to focus on.
  • His work environment too will allow you an insight into thing she could need for his long hours at work.

Make Him Comfy!

Place the best loved pictures from his album on cushions on which he could rest after a hard day’s work and would thank you for being this thoughtful about his comfort. A simple idea that he would love to use each day and the kind that is associated with real comfort.    Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

His Customized Treasure Chest

Covered with vintage photos of his grandparents and childhood days, this is the perfect photo cover that could be made for box that holds all kinds of memorabilia. Each facet of the box has black and white pictures printed on it. Truly a unique gift.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Keep Him Cozy Blanket

An innovative idea like few others. This blanket has several of your photos together making the main pattern that consists of just that –the two of you –and would give you a real great reason to feel your togetherness each time he pulls it over his head.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Digital Print Mouse Pad

Would it not be nice for him to run his hand over his much loved photos as he spends most of his hours at the desk working on his desktop?The perfect little accessory that will be by his side –literally.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Gift for Your Bridge Champ

So your guy has this hidden passion for playing bridge –yes, his grandmother taught him how and he is brilliant at it. Why not gift him something that simply recognizes that love for playing a brilliant game of cards and one that takes some skill! Here is a deck of cards that will make him thank you profusely, as if it were some kind of a trophy! In fact, each card could have photos connected to his life.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Picture Cubes

Add that dash of modern design and gift him a simple set of cubes that he could place on his work desk, changing the face each time he wishes to see the faces of people of things he loves.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Customized Scotch Case

So he loves his single malt on the rocks and cherishes his moments of relaxation with his favorite drink –make it all the more special. Gift him not just his favorite brand of poison but alsothe pictures of the two of you adorning its face. A sensational gift that can be easily designed with wood and digitally printed photos.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Customized Gym Bottle

Be hail or shine, he never forgets to hit the gym each day and is a fitness freak who reaches for his bottle of water every now and then. Gift him a set of bottles that host his favorite photos –him looking his fittest best or the two of your working out together. There are so many patterns and designs that could be created on the bottle.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Time Will Tell

Sure, it will tell him how much he means to you – the face of the clock can be customized to host your photo and can carry the year when your love was sealed forever.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Album in a Box

Well Jack’s gone for break and out comes this accordion-like set of photos that simply need to be held from the loop on top. Take several of your best photos and use them to form this pull-up album in a box.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

A Date EveryDay!

Sure you do when you gift him a calendar which hosts your much loved couple photos to remind him how each day means more because you share it together. This kind of a personalized calendar is one of the easiest to make yet makes for a lovely addition to his desk.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Gizmo Care Gift

For all men who love their IPad and laptops, there are several ways of adding photos to skins and sleeves that will add more color to their otherwise very busy lives.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

Personalized Diary

Don’t let him forget the special love you both share and gift him this lovely diary that can be his companion through many years of little jottings.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

The Inimitable Personalized Photo Album

All this time you both have spent together is captured in a frame you would want to preserve. An album dedicated to your time together not only is sentimental but also shows how much you value his love.Photo Gifts Ideas Creative

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