14 Cute Photo Shoot Ideas for Lovely Sisters

photo ideas for sisters

There can seldom be any kind of bonding than that of sisters-they make the best critics, the most comfy shoulders to cry on, a secret partner in all kinds of childhood crimes, the one who would advise without expecting anything in return and understand you even when you have not said a word. Celebrate that love because as life takes its course there will be soon a huge difference in the way your lives will play out-it may take you different ways, putting geographical distance between you. Of course your bond of love will remain and grow stronger. Yet-would it not be great if sisters on the threshold of new life and newer opportunities capture these years of togetherness while they are still under the same roof. Or when they get back,they make this wonderful album featuring all their favorite things.

The question that will arise is what you should do to make it a spectacularly awesome looking album-what costumes, locales, poses to choose to make it as memorable as your relationship.

Choosing costumes that remind you of your childhood fads and fancies will be a great way to show off your individual personalities-your interests and quirks. So choose sensible, comfy but also bold costumes-we have several ideas for you.

The Studio Setting

Of course the results are going to be there for all to admire-the shine in the hair to your eyes, the glow on your skin to the beauty of each thing you have made sure to coordinate in your dress, is going to be highlighted beautifully as in this picture-the three sisters have all worn the same shade of dress but in distinctly different designs. Go for this stylish setting with ultra chic clothing that are of the same color. Photo Ideas for Sisters

Hip Hop Cool

Cool is what cool does- and so do not over hype the pose-go easy on the smile and do not behave what is strange to your nature. If you have worn a costume that makes you feel too different leave it at that and do not add any overly dramatic posture that will look fake. Bring on the easy smile and make sure to wear the cap that is turned away. Yo! Photo Ideas for Sisters

Halloween Hotties

An easy to find costume for sisters to get clicked n and the pose comes naturally too when the costume is as different as this. Add those colors to your hair and wear a deep colored red lip stain and red talons would do the rest. Photo Ideas for Sisters

Babes in the Woods

Here is that perfect setting for a soft effect-get the same kind of smock or frock and the easy styling of hair, the black and white vintage feel look-all of this creates an effect of timelessness. Photo Ideas for Sisters

Sharing the Big Moment

It is quite possible that as sisters you may have had weddings in different places and surely on different years and dates. But you can bring back the magical moment of your life once again. One believes that you get to wear your wedding dress just once-not really considering for this the sisters decided to get a shoot done in a beautiful outdoors location, wearing their wedding dress. Sensational of course is the blue pickup and the beauty of the location. Photo Ideas for Sisters Photo Ideas for Sisters

Outdoor Comfort

This picture tells us not just that you could choose a simple yet naturally pretty backdrop-get a vintage couch and simply lounge as you would in the past. The pose here shows the natural comfort between the three sisters yet allows each one space to be herself. A very natural setting with an extremely natural pose that is unpretentious. Photo Ideas for Sisters

What a ‘Tree-at’

Get yourself shot at the base of a majestic tree using its robust features like the trunk or the roots, its branches or its boughs as a prop to boost your image. The sisters here are dressed similar in summer clothes, a lovely tree that seems to stand guard bringing oat the natural beauty of their relationship. Photo Ideas for Sisters

Keep on Track

There is always a railway line close to your place for sure. This feature especially when a straight track gives the sublime effect of continuity and works wonders in terms of backdrop. The simple photo is a great composition because of the backdrop, the simplicity of the pose and the natural holding of hands. Photo Ideas for Sisters

The Then and Now project

This Swedish family with four sisters decided on a project wherein they recreated several of their childhood photos in the adulthood. A mind boggling album was the result. Here are two ideas that would look rather amusing yet poignantly sentimental. Photo Ideas for Sisters

The Swirl on the Grass

This is one picture composition that can be sensational with nay subject in it-be it sisters or friends. Here the three sisters lie down on the grass and their features and the solemnity of their expression creates a certain kind of homogeneity in the photo that can only be called sensational. Photo Ideas for Sisters

A simple enough posture that exudes so much natural beauty s doing the same thing as sisters would do in the past-blowing bubbles. There is always a certain stillness in getting the bubbles to frame and a focus hat allows one to take photos. The expectation and the joy of this simple little act as what makes your photos extraordinarily happy and joy filled. Photo Ideas for Sisters

The Two Facets

This nose never fails to work-the turning away always makes people see the similarity n your features far more than while standing facing each other. The beautiful backdrop too is a reason that makes the frame look special. Photo Ideas for Sisters

Posing in a tier

This allows you to bring out the individual pose much better as each member gets adequate space to pose the way she wishes. Here the color that strikes is the indigo of the denims that looksgorgeous in the outdoors. Photo Ideas for Sisters

Sisters as Mothers

Yes, with their babies on the knee -the two sisters create quite another a different looking composition which touches a deeper chord of a generation of love passing on. Photo Ideas for Sisters


The perfect way to celebrate your twin sibling-here is a simple but really happy one with the twins wearing identical goggles, and dressed in typically urban setting. The very presence of two identical twins does the rest of the magic. Photo Ideas for Sisters

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