12 Top Poses for Men’s Photoshoot

Photo Poses for Men

When it comes to getting clicked, women are usually tagged for making several different poses. However, men’s modeling has become a serious business in the recent times. People research for new and unique poses for their photoshoot. There are different poses that totally depend on the type of photoshoot you are having.

One cannot pose in an informal way wearing a suit. Or if he has to, that is the vehement demand of the shoot. So, to let you know about some unique poses, we bring to you a short list of the poses you can go to when getting a shoot done. There are several times that freelance models or even full-time models search for several different and unique poses. The poses mentioned below will help you in getting a glimpse and full details about the background, costumes, props, and expressions that one needs to pose with.


Strolling is a unique candid click that a man can pose for the camera, portraying a gentleman persona. The posture aims to portray you walking and holding both the sides of your blazer. However, while making this pose, you have to keep in mind to not look into the camera. The eyes and face should face adjacent to the camera and you can accessorize your look by adding glares.Photo Poses for Men

Hands in Pockets:

This is an informal photoshoot pose. You can pose like this to showcase your favorite denim or your entire look. There can be various expressions one can pose with. You may either look into the camera with a poker face or you can give a smile. When posing adjacent to the camera, always remember you need to keep a smile or laugh, as a poker face won’t work well.Photo Poses for Men

Life in a Gym:

When working out in a gym, every man can pose with those packs and muscles. The machines also work well as a prop and one can pose in many ways using them. This one can undoubtedly be an effortless shoot for any model and photographer. One will have to make no effort for posing. Simply use a treadmill and get clicked.Photo Poses for Men

The Classy Restaurant Pose:

This could be one of those photos where you would want to appear like a classy business tycoon. All you need is to get dressed in a classy suit or tuxedo and with wine glasses in the corner.You can pose as thinking about something or sipping wine. One of the techniques that could be used is this pose can be shot with a glass in between or from outside the windowpane.

Photo Poses for Men

Off You Go to Travel Pose:

This pose requires you to carry duffle bags or suitcases. You can also call it the wanderlust pose. So, carry a bag pack or a duffle bag, and look away from the camera. It should seem like you are admiring and exploring the beauty around you. Observe the buildings and infrastructure and click.There, you add another click to your portfolio.Photo Poses for Men

The College Campus Pose:

Out of the formal and gentleman shoot, one can opt for the college, casual, and everyday look. You need to set your shoot in the college courtyard while sitting on the bench or on the boundary. Pose with a casual look or an intense look. Also, you can add that fun poses with laughs or a playful smile.Photo Poses for Men

The Coffee Pose:

This pose can be somewhere between formal and informal shoot. You can wear either a suit or a t-shirt. Read the menu while you are sipping a mojito or a cup of coffee. This can be a one of a kind shoot one can ever pose for. There are various dimensions that can be captured.Photo Poses for Men

On the Stairs:

This one is an in-house photoshoot. For this, you need to pose with the intense look while you have your hands on your knees. The best part about this pose is that you can be either in your casuals or in semi-formals. Pose like you are making a serious decision or appear as if you’re lost. You can hold the staircase railing as well.Photo Poses for Men

In-House Photograph:

The in-house photoshoot pose requires you to be in your sneakers and casuals. Sit by your fireside and pose in front of the camera. The background should be taken care of. The background should be tidy and neat with some beautiful crafts in the corner.Photo Poses for Men

The Thinker:

You do not always have to pose like a thinker for the “thinker pose.” This pose can be portrayed with your pet dog or you sitting on a park bench. The photo should be clicked not from the face side but from the backside of the model.Photo Poses for Men

The Season Pose:

The season pose picture is something that is very unique and creative as well. The picture can be clicked at any time of the day and any season. You can pose for the shoot as you are enjoying the weather- in the snow or amidst the wind. Depending on the season you are shooting in, you can pose with the relative expression.

Photo Poses for Men

The Athletes Pose:

You can also call it the fitness freak pose or the athlete winning pose. This can sure be added to a fun photoshoot guide for men. Play with the water in the pool and use as many props as you can. You can best showcase a toned body in this particular pose. Smile, laugh, and have fun.Photo Poses for Men

The Intense Pose:

Anybody can get this pose clicked with some intense looks and serious expressions. The picture requires the model to pose away from the camera, giving a groovy look. Use wire gauge or boundary wall. This shoot can be all the more exotic with a black and white edit. Well, that is the editing part, butas far as the pose is concerned, it has to be serious and intense.

Photo Poses for Men

So these were a number of poses that one has to look upon for some unique and creative shoot. These poses will require you to take care of the poses and especially the expressions.

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