Photo Shoot With Friends – Selected Best Ideas

Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

The relationship with friends is like no other. It’s devoid or pretensions, and as giving and caring, as it can be fiercely free of opinions and judgments and that is what makes this relation one of the highest in order of its genuine nature. All the love we crave for, all the honesty we can ever expect, we get from friends. It’s this refreshing nature of the relationship where you can be as you are, which must translate into those pictures that will be a testimony of this love. It must reflect quirks, the individual personalities, the interest, the uniqueness of the bond and the underlying honest love that you all share.

So are there any essentials to get the best clicks?

  • Surely there has to be mirth-plenty of it and in high dosage to bring a smile to your face even after many years
  • Props are not necessary but occasions can matter
  • Don’t over kill with too many ideas-it is the moment that needs to be captured.
  • More than posing it is interaction that counts-those wicked ideas behind those gleaning eyes and the naughty grin-all of that counts.
  • Get your ideas of props and themes from the quirks or interests or hobbies each of you has.
  • Expressions matter-annoyed, happy, pensive, tired, and thoughtful, or at peace-all of them are very interesting to capture and makes for better pictures.

Bring on the Energy

Photo poses that rake in the beauty of things natural from the backdrop on to the most euphoric feeling of being with friends should be translated on to the photo and what best way to achieve that than on the beach, with the whole lot of you simply having fun. Jump up high and let the camera do the needful. Feel free to choose any action-but do that in unison and the effect can be magnificent. It helps to wear something that coordinates. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Much Style Much Love

The soul sister routine can be quite tepid when said compared to when you bring it one with a pose. Here are two hatted ladies who love to bring on the pout and the heart in their pose-a photo pose that you would be glad you took for the utter silliness and sense of abandonment with which you are ready to try something you would not do on your own and that is what friendship is supposed to bring out in you. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Topsy Turvy Love

This is one pose that never fails to bring back a crazy lazy time of youth. The fun of course being in wearing the same leg wear which could be denims as in this case, or, could be legwarmers in multiple colors or the same kind of boots. The outdoors too plays a trick in making this photo look cheerfully natural. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Bubble of Life

Well happiness is kind of like a bubble that can burst anytime-certainly not when you have friends around-you can keep making your own bubbles of happiness and preserve them for eternity. Pose for a picture that is a close up shot. See the colors of the rainbow in it and feel the liveliness of the moment in a shot that can capture such joy. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Mucho Moustache

Girls can really pull this one off well. Simply use tresses-yours or your friends and get this one of a kind pose to declare the madness that you are overtaken by when friends get together. This is by far one of the best poses you can get without the use of a prop other than your own selves and of course-your hair! Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Crazy Hearts

Here is one that uses in house resource once again and can give you a fabulous picture-simply use your long tresses for creating hearts and lie down on the grass of any plain flooring and let the magic of the graphic work wonders. Whether you are a brunette, a blonde or titian, all you need is long hair for this shot. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Xtreme  Love

Well simply the inverted pose works great when all of you have the same leg wear, and form the letter ‘X’ with your leg. The visual strength of this picture is amazingly unforgettable and each time someone tries this it is bound to be a hit. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

The Bohemian Flower Power Look

Go all retro and wear your hair loose, wear flowers, get a fringe, a braid, or simply wear bell bottoms and some frilly long sleeved blouson and get some black and white pictures taken. The Bohemian feel in this picture makes the cohesiveness look great. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends


Get into the pool and pretend you just saw the main character in Jaws swimming towards you. Eyes above water, and all else below. The camera simply has to get your expression just then. Buddy pictures truly work wonders when you can get some dramatic expression going and this one sure is a novel idea. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Here’s one for the guys-simply imagine an obnoxious roach in the corner  and look-the frenzy of fear is what needs to be captured right. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Boy Band Album Cover

Sure you have grown up listening to Back Street Boys or Bono-take your pick and dress up like they would and pose like the cover of  a famous music album-these guys clinched it with their hair and the suit. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Have Fun with Hoopla

Here is another energy filled option in which you could all wear a similar pattern even if the colors are varied. Have fun in the park, and keep the background hazy to make the pattern of clothing and the hooplas more visible and dramatic. Easy and simple with your own natural way. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Go Tree Climbing

You must have done it so many times in the past but it is a special memory and you have that special tree that was always your hiding place- or a place to make your secret wishes-go back to any such tree and go climbing once again-the simple but beautiful memories automatically reflect in your expression of nostalgia. Photo Poses Ideas for Friends

Whether at the Bowling alley, the mall, the coffee shop –or recreating some old magic of childhood memories, there are seldom any challenge in getting friends to look good , but when you add that special touch of a great idea-a prop or costume to it-your photo shoot turns epic.

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