Some of the Best Photo Shoot Ideas for Baby Girls

Photoshoot Ideas for Baby Girl

Babies are adorable and when it comes to adding cuteness to your pictures, in fact  the job is already pretty much done. The very subject of taking baby pictures makes the job so much easier because the content itself will draw all the love from the one who behold the photos. However there is so much by way of adding themes, costume twists, locations and props that these picture gain more than simple cuteness-they acquire a thematic presentation-a verve and an idea that years from now will be cherished for its imagination and creativity.

Pink ribbon, sashes, polka dots and bows are pretty much the norm when it comes to taking pictures of baby girls. With the changing times, grown up girls are traversing paths seldom trod before-turning pilots, soldiers, scientists and chefs, so why should their role and look be limited when they are babies?

Here are some very simple rules to be followed when it comes to most baby pictures:

  • Always wait for the baby to be relaxed, (which will be easier on full tummy) and better still if the baby is asleep.
  • Lighting will be necessary as will the close-up feature-as your subject itself is so very tiny.
  • Creating a soothing backdrop will make the look all the more endearing.
  • Remember to try out the prop in advance as you cannot risk the safety of the child.
  • A personal favorite of the parents –an interest or hobby makes for fascinating idea for a shoot and personalizes the picture all the more.
  • Stick to basic clothing- and not try and cover too much of the baby as it would take away from its tiny size which makes such for most of the wonder.

Queen of Hearts

Choosing this utterly comfortable position for the baby girls when she is asleep makes it just the right moment to click any number of pictures you desire. Be sure to keep the blanket below in the lightest of shade but not white as the clarity of the baby’s features would be so much better with some bit of color in the backdrop. Use as props a delicate tiara and of course you do have the option of placing a flower band on her as well.

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The Little Bunny

Perhaps the simplest way of getting your baby to pose is to simply make her wear a fluffy romper, a fluffier big ear cap  and have her clutch a carrot. The backdrop preferably should be woody to bring out the natural concept of a bunny rabbit. Simple but an adorable photo can emerge with such simple props.

Plant a Personality

If you have ever been a big fan of Harry Potter or The Power puff Girls, you could translate the same on to your photo shoot. Place your Harry potter collection all around and then use the tow simplest of props-the signature muffler in red with yellow stripes, the glasses and of course the wand.

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Costume Drama

This collage of curse is one of the most wonderful ways of capturing your baby growing. Each month of two take a pic in the same cat suit, and as she grows bigger open out the lower portions to show exactly how much she has grown! It truly makes a dramatic picture collage has a certain dynamism that will fill anyone with wonder. In the collage below it is a lapse of 4 months that the picture has been taken. The trick is in keeping the dress the same.


A similar idea has been tried with a white t-shirt and on each occasion, the number of months has been stuck. The location and the backdrop too needs to be the very same and that is when the collage truly comes together. Same distance, similar lighting, same location, the same dress and of course the same baby girl!

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One Tutu

Who can deny the amazement that could created with just the right kind of costume and in this case here is a budding ballet dancer. Floor level, black and white and a dark background makes the froth of the tutu all the more dramatic in its effect.Photoshoot Ideas for Baby Girl

Fresh from the Farm!

Create the most ethereal of fresh countryside feel in your capture-a barn look appeal comes simply with a blanket, a basket and of course the baby girl with a pink floret ribbon.

In the picture below the same basket has been placed on the greens and the letter on the basket is what our little Ellie or Elizabeth is named with-so here is another barn and farm idea that gives a completely new fresh appeal to your picture.

Frame Her

Surely one of the simplest ways of getting a really dramatic photo is getting your baby dressed in her long frock and using a frame that is about as high as her, to frame her entirely as she stands. You can see the effect for yourself.

Sibling Portrait

This close up of the three siblings is perhaps one of the best ways to make your baby girl showcased in the context of her family. Completely relaxed natural expressions, close shot, and multiple shots would be needed to get to the one that is meant for the album. Black and white helps bring out the softness of the features far more.

‘Prop’-erly Done!

This is a photo idea where the simple usage of a pink floral printed umbrella has been used along with a pink floral backdrop that is in cohesion with the gorgeous pink dress of the baby girl. The cohesiveness in the color palette and the wonderful pose sitting inside the umbrella highlights how tiny she is!

Madonna Like

Well, one photo shoot idea that anyone would love to capture of course is with the mother and here a simple wreath made of greens and flowers plays a beautiful role in creating a feeling of mystical beauty of nature.

Color Splash

User pink balloons as in this case that coordinates with the pink dress that the child is wearing and the pink chair she is seated on –or use multicolored ones to make a joy filled picture that comes from the usage of a prop that symbolizes joy and playfulness. Adding much to the pinkness  and the feel of utter soft sweetness is the deep cushioned chair that lends it more charm.

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