14 Innovative Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

Spring is the best season for outdoor photography because of abundance of beauties that flourish in this season. In the end of chilled winter spring comes, people like to go out with family and friends. Nature starts showcasing it beauty with varieties of blossoming flowers. Birds start singing as Easter approaches. Photography is greatly dependent upon season. We depend upon the Sun for light. Harsh Sun-light decreases the quality of photography. Spring offer the best Sun. Moisture and mist free bright days are perfect for shooting outdoor. This season is great for engagement. If you have right gears I can give you some ideas on how to create a beautiful spring photography album.

Put a DSLR camera with a lens kit that must include a 50mm prime lens, one telephoto lens 300mm or 500mm and one wide angle lens. If possible take a macro lens that will allow you to shoot some tiny hidden beauty in nature. For lighting you have to carry a good quality flash gun, if possible you can bring a folding light reflector. A tripod is a must.

Chirping morning birds

I would like to start with early morning when birds start chirping on the branches and sky gets orange in the east. He is rising in the east. To capture this pristine value of nature aim you lens to a small bird chirping on a branch.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

But how will you shoot this excellent composition? First of all you should use a telephoto lens to shoot it. A 300mm telephoto lens can shoot this photo maintaining good quality. Set the aperture to f/5.6 with shutter speed 1/125 s. Turn your film speed to ISO 100 and click. You are brilliant.

Sun rise

Spring means Easter. New Sun light and regeneration of lives. You shouldn’t forget to take a beautiful image of Sun rise. To make it more dramatic place a small bird singing on the branch.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

Use a 500mm telephoto lens setting its aperture to f/2.8 and 1/250 s. Film speed should be ISO 100. If you use more than ISO 100 you not get that magnificent silhouette of the bird and branches. Frankly speaking, if you want great shots you must have to burn some calories, so walk and walk unless you get the right combination.

Blossoming flowers

Spring is the season of flower and fruits. Snapping flowers under mild Sun is fine. Go to the garden or you can find them around your yards. Take some nice shots.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

Pansy is a beautiful spring flower, some species resembles human face. Find some pansy to add a kind of dramatic sequence to your spring photography album. Use a prime lens. Set aperture to f/5.6 and shutter speed to 1/125 if it’s a sunny day, take the picture from 6 feet away using ISO 100 film speed. If you shoot in afternoon then use ISO200.

Holly Childs

I just can’t imagine spring album without a baby playing in a garden. Take a close up of a baby sitting in garden.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

You should always maintain a nice contrast. The baby should be in playful mood. Use f/1.8 to blur out all the background with 1/500 s if that baby moves frequently. I recommend you to use ISO100 to get a fine grain image.

Family trip

Spring without outing? Impossible. Take at least one family outing photograph. Family behind the setting sun is a wonderful idea.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

Choose a family where parents holding their children in their lap, witnessing the Sun set beside a lake. Birds are returning home. Snap it using f/11 and 1/125 or 1/80s using ISO100 film speed, this will produce a silhouette image of the family.

Ice cream baby

Easter comes with new sun light, fruits and flowers. This is the season of joy. Kids love ice cream and chocolates too much. To make this Easter memorable, take a ice cream fun shot.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

This is going to be a candid photography. Roam around a park in search of that little victim tasting a delicious cone-ice cream. Do not alert her, using a telephoto lens hide behind a tree, setting f/5.6 or lower and 1/125s focus your target properly and capture a funny ice cream eating moment. It’s a great spring shot.

Fun with Dandelion

Dandelion is a beautiful flower that blossom in spring. This flower has unique shape. The core of the Dandelion is covered with loosely fitted far like petals. If you blow it with air, petals will start to flow on air.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

Ask a kid to blow some Dandelion and shoot it. This is one of the best spring photography shots. Do it using high shutter speed setting, 1/500 s is enough to fix all petals in the air. This will create a fairy tales like image.

Magnolia flower backdrops

Spring decorate nature with vivid colors or flowers, grass and sky. Using natural beauties as a backdrop is always preferable. Almost all Magnolia flower tree get covered with flower in spring.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

You can use it as a backdrop. Magnolia blossom backdrop is suitable for solo and group portrait. The subject should be closer to the flower branches. Use f/8 aperture to get the detail of blossoming flower with your subject standing in the front.

Green field as backdrop

Using new-born green grass field as a natural background is a classic idea to shoot solo portrait in outdoor. Choose a place that covered with green grass. Sprinkle some small yellow flowers and its petals on it. I say yellow flower because this color is the best match for bright green.

Color combination in backdrop is very important. You can ask your model to lay down on the grass. Turn your aperture to f/2.8 and set shutter speed to 1/500 s on a sunny day. If the day is cloudy then use 1/250s speed. You will get a nice solo portrait.

Easter Backdrop

Spring is famous for Easter. In case of indoor shooting with your family and friends, you need a special backdrop that has some flavor of the festival. Readily available backdrops may not support your idea. You can customize indoor backdrop by spraying color on canvas or a 8X14 feet synthetic fabric.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

I suggest you to consult an artist who makes poster and festoon. Explain your innovative Easter backdrop idea to him. Because, as a layman you are not able to design and paint a professional grade one. But an artist can do it for you.

Joy of Spring flower photography

Most photographers are gifted with watchful eyes. Specially nature photographers roam around hill, park, botanical garden and even swamp side in search of new spring flowers. Many of us forget to keep a watchful eyes on fence and back yards covered with weeds. Before starting your investigation on wild beauties get prepared with a prime lens (50mm) and a macro lens. If you don’t have any Macro lens then find any attachment available on market.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

I would recommend you to walk as far as you can with your camera instead of riding bike or car, this is because photographers, like other artists are sometime absent minded. Riding bike or car may cause serious accident. If you choose bike or car you may overlook hidden treasures of nature.

Daffodil is one of the beautiful flowers, blossom in spring. Many poets glorified its beauty in their poems. So don’t forget to take some close snaps of Daffodils in group nodding their heads. To take a close up use your 50mm lens with f/5.6 aperture, shoot them from at least eight feet away to get greater depth of field. If the day is sunny, you will get super crispy image.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

Magnolia is all time favorite flower of spring for photographers. In spring you can’t find any leaf on the tree except flowers. The flowers are of light pink to white. In this season Magnolia yield highest number of flower. This can be used as a natural backdrop also. Don’t forget to take some close up as well as wide snaps of it. In case of a close up shot you must zoom to 105mm with f/5.6 aperture and 125s shutter speed. Always use ISO100 to get fine-tuned image.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

I just can’t imagine spring flower photography without a macro lens. There are some insignificant wild weeds that give extraordinary small flowers in your back yard or along the fence. If you put little effort to find them you can get some brilliant wild spring flower shots. Attach a macro lens, bending you knee focus on a small wild flower. You may get some amazing shots. I suggest you to shoot them with bees or butterfly, that make a dramatic sequence along with brilliant contrast. Macro lens magnifies your subject. Focusing is the prime issue with this kind of lens. When photographing with macro lens put a support to your hand so that camera may not shake. A little shake will be a mess, and your subject goes out of focus.Spring Photo Shoot Ideas

If you like to take some snaps of private garden or nursery, ask the owner for permission. I would suggest you to go heath, hills, swamp, abandon places to find vivid wild spring flowers. Always be careful about poisonous insects and snakes while roaming around these places with camera. Don’t get absent minded. Keep shooting.

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