9 Beautiful Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Photo-shoots have become a trend these days because we love creating memories and preserving them for lifetime. Whether you are going to get engaged, married, or you are going to have a baby very soon, the first thing that comes to your mind is – the photo shoot! No matter it’s your birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, you can always have a photo shoot done.Nowadays, there are different styles and themes for photo shoots but this post is dedicated to – Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas.

Vintage photo shoots are all about going back to the good old retro times and recreating moments from 50’s, 60’s or 70’s era. It involves creating dramatic looks with the help of period-correct hair styles, vintage clothing, the right lighting and of course a bad-ass car! The most important things about the vintage photo shoots are the perfect lighting and the correct attitude. You can run your creative mind and make a theme of your own vintage photo shoot. But to help you out, we have collected some of the most amazing ideas related to the outfits, places and props that are going to help you out with your vintage photo shoot. Let’s check out:

Dresses that have POLKA DOTS

The story of polka dots started when Miss America was photographed in a polka dotted swimsuit, back in 1926. Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas In the mid of the nineteenth century, it was incorporated by various clothing labels. Polka reminds us of the 1950’s and is a perfect choice for a vintage photo shoot. For females, all you need is – a polka dotted short dress and a dramatic bun hairdo and there you go! Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasPolka dots are just not for women, men can incorporate them in their looks as well.Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Wear your Corset

Corsets are the beautiful expression of the retro and vintage popularity. They are ultra-feminine, sexy, mysterious, charming, and perfect for your vintage photo shoot. Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasCorsets have their own sassiness which will ultimately make you feel retro. If you are planning for a vintage photo shoot, you should definitely include corsets in your checklist.
Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

All About Fur

Fur coats or dresses signify royalty and class. They are one of the oldest forms of clothing. It was a sign of luxury in the past.

Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

While choosing an outfit for vintage photo shoots, furs can play an important role. You can incorporate them in your look in the form of scarf, coat or a wrap. You have to style fur according to your preferences but don’t forget to make it look retro.Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

High Waist Jeans and a Collared Shirt

Remember those old-school bellbottom pants? Bring back the 70’s fashion in your vintage photoshoot with the high waist jeans and collared shirts/t-shirts. Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasDon’t forget to pair a nice bow and a pair of sexy boots to complete your look. Though high-waist pants are back in fashion, but they still remind us of the retro fashion.

Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

The basic white-blue combination works every time but we suggest you to play with colors to add fun to your photo shoot.

Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Find a Vintage Car

A vintage photo shoot is obviously incomplete without a vintage car.

Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Vintage cars are those automobiles which belong to the period of 1919-1930.These cars are easily available for purchase or renting purpose.Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas If you are going for a vintage photo shoot, you have to have a picture of you or your friends in a vintage car wearing wind-shield size sunglasses. The best company for the vintage car picture would definitely be your bff or your lover. Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasThere is nothing to worry at all, you can take solo pictures as well! Dress retro-style to make it look more powerful.
Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

And a Vintage Train/ Railway TrackVintage Photo Shoot Ideas

An abandoned train or railway station/track is a perfect location to shoot vintage style pictures as the railway track background looks best in the pictures. Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasMost of the couples opt for vintage style photo shoots at railways stations and trains because these places are best for creating vintage perfection. Don’t forget to carry an old trunk style suitcase with you for this kind of photo shoot.Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Pose with a cycle

We have always seen old photos of our grandparents posing with their cycles having big baskets. You can also include the cycle picture in your vintage style photo shoot.Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasVintage Photo Shoot IdeasUse vibrant color flowers in cycle’s wicker basket to make your picture look impactful. Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasAgain, these kinds of pictures are generally taken for couples but there is no reason you cannot be clicked solo!
Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

The Umbrella Shots

Umbrella is the most common prop used by photographers for any kind of photo shoot. Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasWe don’t use them to protect ourselves from heat, sun or rains but we use them to add a subject to the picture. Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasUmbrella pictures serve the vintage style photo shoot in the best possible manner. Moreover, this is the cheapest prop which is widely used for vintage style photo shoot.Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

Last but not the least – Makeup

Now, when you are done with selecting the outfits and places for the vintage photo shoot, you need to work on your makeup as well to match earlier times. Vintage look can be achieved with bold lips and winged eye-liners. Yes! You read that right, winged eye liner is a vintage fashion which has again come to trend these days.Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas Apart from this, the hair styles were completely different back in the 60’s and 70’s. Everything was so dramatic that it is the reason vintage styles and fashions are coming back to trend. Vintage Photo Shoot IdeasHead bands or Bandanas were the most common hair accessory.Also, the curly fringes were there to make you look more dramatic. For a perfect vintage photo shoot, you need to work on your make-up and hair because these things will surely make a difference.Vintage Photo Shoot Ideas

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